The Nadia White and Skyler Grey Improve Sessions – Part 2 and Full Series



The Nadia White and Skyler Grey Improve Sessions’


Nadia White and Skyler Grey


3. Do You Know How Late You Are?!

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It was after midnight as Nadia came strolling in to find her mother quite upset. Nadia was to have been home by 10:30 as mommy had a date. Sklyer had planned a night of intense fetish fun but her daughter’s lateness ruined her hopes. She decided to take out her need for fetish play upon her daughter’s bottom as punishment.
Nadia was frightened and confused as her mother had her kneel upon a chair for her spanking. After a quick discussion, Mom’s hand descended hard upon her daughter’s bottom.
Soon, Nadia felt the full fury of her mother’s capacity to administer punishment as her panties were lowered and Nadia felt the sting of her mother’s hand and the strap upon her exposed flesh.
After a hard punishment by hand and strap upon her bare bottom, Nadia learned that interfering with her mother’s fetish fun proved to be a painful experience.

4. The Prepschool Girl

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Nadia was called to the headmistress’ residence at the Amber Wells School For Girls, after having called a revered professor at the institution a vile name. At first, she thought all of this fuss was something of a joke.
The seriousness of all of this came to her as the headmistress took the bratty schoolgirl over her lap for a spanking. Nadia was in full panic mode when her panties were lowered and her disciplinarian spanked her by hand and leather paddle.
After Miss Skyler had given Nadia a hard spanking by hand and strap paddle, she felt that the brat over her lap had yet to learn her lesson. Miss Grey had the student with the bad attitude stand and hold her skirt high as her panties remained at her ankles. Then, she proceeded to spank the girl with the strap paddle, forcing her to perform a rather humiliating dance to the tune of the discipline inflicted upon her bottom. After Miss Skyler Felt assured that Nadia had learned her lesson, she required that the brat serve corner time and await the arrival of members of the student council to witness the punishment inflicted upon Nadia’s bared bottom.




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