The nicest thing I’ve heard in ages

Tonight we debut our new series ‘ Divorced Diva’ with Audrey and Pandora ( Sexy) Jones. I just saw the edits last night. What you don’t know is that Pandora and I did a simulated sex scene. I wrote Pixie and asked if it made squeamish. She replied ”  I edited it looking between my fingers. I mean you are like family and it’s hard seeing you make out. I’ll bet your son felt the same”.  Well, my son shot that scene.

It was nice to hear that Pixie considers me like family.



2 Responses to “The nicest thing I’ve heard in ages”

  • Tim:

    David the trailer works nicely now ,excellent scenes with lovely Audrey and the new girl spanker .very good to hear that pixie thinks that ,im not surprised you have worked ogether or a few years ,she is a Super girl hlping the pets out with lovely Lily Anna I am honoured to know them through Punished Brats,best from ,Tim.