The Pain Of the Artistic Director



The Pain Of The Artistic Director- This week’s PunishedBratsSpanking Featured Presentation




One day as Audrey was working on a new piece in her studio, Mr. Pierson, the director of the famous Doylestown Ballet, paid her an unexpected visit.

He was aware that Audrey had attended a performance of Ballet Z and inquired if she had inadvertently taken some of their choreography into her own work, as the director of Ballet Z insisted she did.

At first she denied such a claim, but when confronted with the fact that she had not shown her work to the team of researchers employed to avoid such issue, Audrey realized the error she had made.

David had given Audrey two choices, resign her position, or take the same punishment from him that she had given to Kim a week earlier.



Audrey felt her best option was to take the discipline, but she hadn’t counted on the fact that she would be over the director’s lap having her bare bottom spanked for over ten minutes.

All could hear Audrey’s cries throughout the building as Mr. Pierson gave his artistic director a hard and long spanking.

By the time her discipline was over, she felt as if her bottom had been set afire. As Audrey moved to pull up her panties, Mr. Pierson stopped her as she was to face the wall while a few members of the board were going to witness the results of her discipline.

Audrey wasn’t sure what was worse, the severe pain radiating from her bottom, or the humiliation of having members of the board looking at her very red bottom.



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This series with Audrey and Kim has pleased a whole lot of you. Thank you for your kind emails.

In tonight’s presentation I literally had Audrey over my lap for over ten minutes. It wasn’t planned but it turned out that way. You never stop wanting to spank Audrey once you start.

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