The Perfect Crime- Wayback Wednesday




A Never Before Seen Erica Corvina Just Discovered on our server.



The Perfect Crime


Erica Corvina, Amber Pixie Wells and David Pierson




Erica thought she had set up her sister Pixie to take the fall for the purchase of professional snow shoes that cost over $1000.00. Pixie was always the mischievous one. When confronted by her father, he pointed out that she was the climber and that Pixie rarely ventures out in the cold. Erica was taken over her father’s lap for a lesson in honesty- a painful lesson at that.


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Finding this video brings back so many memories. I can tell by the story line that this was written by my brother.

Trust me all of all girl’s in the PB players back then were all amazing athletes.  Pixie was a real gym rat, Beverly Bacci was a trapeze artist and was winning 5 k road races.  None were in the super athlete area except for Erica. I my sports days I was known for my speed  but on my best day Erica would have been much faster. I learned of this when she showed up on set without her makeup. She asked if she had time to go home and get it. She lived on the side of Philadelphia, to the south a 15 mile drive . I looked out the window and saw this blur. Over the years Erica has become a world class climber, like mountains and frozen waterfalls. Surgeries to both knees and shoulder hasn’t slowed her down.


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2 Responses to “The Perfect Crime- Wayback Wednesday”

  • Tim:

    I am a noobie when it comes to the spanking fetish but I have adored Erica oh so much from you guys. I don’t want to be a burden, but if you have any more from Erica, could you please upload them? Maybe some we haven’t seen? She’s just so darn cute with such nice globes