The Prepschool Girl -part 1



The Prepschool Girl- Part 1


Nadia White and Skyler Grey



Nadia was called to the headmistress’ residence at the Amber Wells School For Girls, after having called a revered professor at the institution a vile name. At first, she thought all of this fuss was something of a joke.

The seriousness of all of this came to her as the headmistress took the bratty schoolgirl over her lap for a spanking. Nadia was in full panic mode when her panties were lowered and her disciplinarian spanked her by hand and leather paddle.


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Love shooting with Nadia and Skyler. Both are amazingly interesting women.


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2 Responses to “The Prepschool Girl -part 1”

  • Eston T:

    I just noticed you have a lady top named Skyler gives a awesome spanking just with her hands , i didn’t see any info on her . I know some of your lady tops only spank the ladies not sure if she is the same but would like to know . I would also like to know what the cost would be for a dvd of her spanking scenes

    thank you