The Re-Education Of Delirious Hunter- Session Three



The Re-Education Of Delirious Hunter


Delirious Hunter and David Pierson






Today is the convicted anarchist’s final day of corporal punishment. As with all of her punishments, this is to be broadcast to the world as a warning to all who have thoughts of being disloyal to the government. Although she had been punished naked many times, she felt even more exposed this time, affixed to the punishment table with her legs spread and her bottom thrust upward. She tried to control her fear, knowing that she faced 30 stokes of the cane.
Once her punishment began her screams and crying proved to be disconcerting to all in the facility.
After all thirty strokes were delivered, all the convicted anarchist could do was cry. Then she was informed that she will remain tied to the punishment table for much of the day and soon all of the girls in the facility will be required to walk by and see what fate awaits those who oppose the government. There will be a few public tours at well.







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Now a few stills from the movie



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The Re-Education Of Delirious Hunter


Delirious Hunter, Bianca Rose and David Pierson



Kitty’s Spanking Fantasies


Kitty Catherine, Bianca Rose and David Pierson




Prep school Confidential


Chloe Noir, Bianca Rose and David Pierson





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