The Red Hue Of The Morning Light



The Red Hue Of The Morning Light


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson




It was early morning and the sun was making it’s appearance as Serenity did her best to enter the house unnoticed. As she made her way towards her bedroom, she was shocked to see her father waiting for her.

He had warned her that should she stay out all night again, she would have earned herself a bare bottom strapping. She didn’t really believe him as it seemed inconceivable that this would happen to a young woman of her age.

Soon, she found herself bent over the bottom of her bed, her bottom bared, and feeling the unbearable sting of her father’s strap. All she could do was cry out as the first few whacks had ended her bratty protestations that she should not be spanked.


JAs the strap fell time and again upon Serenity’s bare bottom, she promised over and over again to never stay out all night long, but unfortunately for her, father knew that the lesson needed to be driven home.

Once her father felt that the brat was sufficiently punished, she was required to remain in position with her red bottom on display and there was no greater desire in the mind of Serenity than to cover that red bottom.

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We find Miss Serenity amazingly adorable .


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