The Runaways-Chloe’s Spanking



The Runaways-Chloe’s Spanking


Chloe Noir, Ava Little and Audrey






On the way home from school, Chloe and Ava decided to put the crazy town behind them and make a run for it. Somehow, the girls didn’t make it two blocks before being picked up by Officer Bob. Both knew they were in deep trouble. Mommy Audrey took Chloe over her lap first and spanked her bare bottom hard. Ava looked on in horror and disbelief.

As Chloe’s hard spanking proceeded at the hands of mommy Audrey all Ava could do was grimace at the site fully aware that she was next. Once her spanking was over Chloe was made to stand on display by the picture window where she was visible to all of the town’s people.


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