The Stepmother, The Stepdaughter and her Perverted Boss


The Stepmother, The Stepdaughter and her Perverted Boss



Ami Mercury and Audrey


Chapter 1: Hard Times







Audrey, a pillar of the society, was shocked to hear her step-daughter Ami on the phone and speaking with great admiration of her bosses large, dark-hued phallus. Audrey was even more upset when she saw that Amis boss had sent her a photograph of said phallus and that Ami was almost mesmerized by it. Unwilling to have such smut in her house, she took Ami over her knee for a spanking while requiring the girl to keep her eyes on the photograph while she received her punishment. After Audrey had completed Amis hand spanking, she decided that she required more discipline to drive the lesson home. She had her bend over the couch for a paddling. With each whack, Ami needed to say that she would not lust after her boss large male organ, or words to that effect.





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Now a few stills from the movie




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Chapter 2: Return Of Service



After her conflict with her stepdaughter Ami, Audrey thought it best if the brat moved out. There was no way that Ami was going to move into a college dorm while Audrey lived in the lap of luxury. Ami let it be known the she was aware that she and Mr. Jones got a thing going on. Audrey did not want her husband to find out, so she allowed her stepdaughter to spank her. The punishment started over her tight black skirt, then upon her cute purple panties and then, much to Audrey’s mortification, her bare bottom. After Ami finished spanking her stepmother, Audrey was made to bend over the back of the sofa and her bare bottom was punished with the paddle. With each blow, Audrey was made to profess her love for Mr. Adams (Ami’s boss) large dark phallus.

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Now a few stills from the movie



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Chapter 3: Caught In the Act




Ami was found with a gentleman in her room in a somewhat compromising position by her rival and stepmother, Audrey. Soon she found herself in another position, that being over Audrey’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her tight stretch pants, then proceeded to her panties and then, much to Amis distress, her bare bottom. After a hard hand spanking, Audrey made her stepdaughter and rival lie on the bed with her bottom raised for a punishment with the wooden paddle. Afterwards, Ami stood and tried to rub the pain out while acknowledging that the round went to Audrey.



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Now a few stills from the movie



caughtvg1 caughtvg2 caughtvg3 caughtvg4 caughtvg5 caughtvg6 caughtvg7 caughtvg8 caughtvg9 caughtvg10 caughtvg11 caughtvg12 caughtvg13





This was such a blast to shoot.  We shot something a bit perverse yet tried never to say the word “dick”.  You can never do better than Audrey &Ami.


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