The Summer Intern



The Summer Intern (a found Pixie Video)



Amber Pixie Wells and David Pierson




A Found and enhanced, never-before-seen, Pixie Classic.

Pixie was an awful intern. The final straw came when she accidentally placed a few of her spring break pictures in a major presentation David was giving to investors. She was given the choice of leaving the firm, which meant that Pixie would not graduate on time, or accept a bare bottom strapping. Pixie accepted the punishment and her cries could be heard throughout the entire floor.


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This is for the many of you who asked for some new unseen Pixie material.  I miss the blonde brat.


So as you know changes are coming to Punishedbrats. Look for a new design , more formats to view our material on among other things.

The team have instructed me to inform you that our current prices are only guaranteed though midnight tomorrow (PST).  So now would be a great time to lock in the $17.00 monthly rate and $50.00 for 6 months.


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Well gotta make this quick at its 0200 and I need to be up at 0600.  Got medical tests at that dreadful hour. I should have scheduled them for later in the day when I could enjoy them.



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