The tale of the Tara and Mary Jane Shoots

 The Mary Jane series, ‘The Discipline Of A Difficult Daughter’ was shot in early December. This was not a planned production. Mary Jane Marley ( now Monroe) had contacted me a few weeks prior. She was a big fan of Andy Sam Dimas and wanted to shoot with us, just as Andy did.

 My main concern about shooting Mary Jane was the fact that she was just eighteen years old.

 Since July 2, 2005 ( Pixie’s Debut) my brother’s house served as our studio.  After my brother’s death in June, it was a place that I could go and feel his presence.   I had no desire to do anything with his loft until this year. However, the place sold  very quickly.  The deal was to good to pass on.  The Pb team, ( Pixie and I) had a planned shoot for late December with Joelle and  Beverly Bacci and Pixie herself. It was her first on camera spanking in almost a year.

Pixie, Joelle and Beverly


Because we were unsure as to how long we’d have our old studio, the shoot was planned at our current place. 

 After six years I’d be damned if we went out without one final shoot. I put the Mary Jane production together in less than one week. The  series was written and directed by me,  my son helping with the cameras and shooting stills.

 As most of the production was to have Mary Jane dressed in Schoolgirl uniform I asked very little of her in the way of wardrobe. I asked her to bring white panties and a pair of PJ’s. She did neither.

Fortunately, we had not cleared out the closets as of then, so I had lots of PJ’s. Unfortunately, I could fined nothing in the way of white panties.

The undies she had on had a skull and cross bones on the bottom.

Mary Jane and her panties


 I wasn’t that upset. She’s just a kid. Just fueled my desire to spank the snot out of her.

        These pics are from scene 1. There were four more to go. She cried, poor dear.



So what has Miss Marley been up to?


Following in Andy’

 She can be seen in Burnin Angel’s production of ‘ Twisted Youth’


I think she need another spanking.


It was three weeks ago (on Friday) when I rushed to 30th street station to pick up Tara.  As I proceeded to the her gate I ran into Mary Jane, waiting for a train to Baltimore.

 I found Tara easily. Can’t miss that lovely red hair.


Despite her youth, ( just turned 20), she was a bit more seasoned than Mary Jane. After making it to three straight shoots, Pixie needed to miss this one due to health reasons. However, I regard Pixie the hero of the Taraproduction.  I’ve directed many scenes while doing the spanking. To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about this one. In early January I had  a major health scare . I develped a Pulmonary Embolism that caused significant damage to my right lung. I was still feeling awful as the shoot approched and a few days before the shoot I was on the hunt for a top.  None to be found at the last minute. Actually, as it tuned out, spanking Tara did me a would of good. Unfortuntely, unbeknowst to me at the time, we had a technical problem. We shoot with three camera and our head cam decided to not work well that day.

 I scrwed up a bit too. I had a senior moment, and set up the cameras in such a way that I was between Tara and the main cam. Fortunarely, I tend to stand back a bit when using a strap so I didn’t block the view of Tara too much.  As I said, Pixie was the hero of that shoot. Her editing is superb. ( I’m telling on myself) Have you ever heard Pixie curse? She rarely does, but she made an eception in this case while takling to me after receiving the footage.

Pixie..How I stopped her cursing


 The shoot ‘ Prep School Brat’ came out terrifically.  I am more than happy with it.       Tara was fantastic to work with and she took five hard spanking. The tears flowed. A gift to any top.






If you haven’t seen the preview video of our Tara shoot just click on the image below.


To see the Mary Jane preview just click n this image

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  • tim:

    David ,young Mary Jane is a very pretty little brat ,so is Tara ,the vids are very good despite your troubles at the shoot ,best wishes,tim.