The Threat



The Threat


Kim Chi and David Pierson





Kim was certain that her father’s promise to spank her when he got home from work for breaking curfew the night before was nothing more than an idle threat. So sure was she, that the brat was laughing with a friend about it on Skype. She quickly ended the conversation after her father got home and threatened to spank her with her friend watching. Soon, Kim found herself over her father’s lap and shocked as her father landed a few smacks of the paddle to the seat of her jean shorts. Then, she was made to stand up and lower her pants and panties. As the spanking continued, and her father alternated between hand and paddle, Kim kicked and cried and a few times rolled on her back in an attempt to end this punishment, but each time she was placed back into position. Kim was then placed face down on the couch with her bare bottom exposed. Her father ended her punishment with several sharp whacks with the paddle that left the girl in tears. She was instructed to remain in that position until she was permitted to get up. As her father walked away, Kim made a few defiant gestures at her father then started to cry as she realized that the pain she felt from her exposed, red bottom would not be going away anytime soon.




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This was something of a wrestling match but was great fun to shoot.


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