The Very Young and Restless

I have always struggled with the hiring of girl’s who have yet to reach their twentieth birthday. The first time we shot with a a teen was Andy San Dimas.  By the time Andy was eighteen she had done lots of adult photo work. So i took a chance.


The beauty from Baltimore had a great  presence, she was funny and a complete professional.  Andy became a regular on our set until she moved to LA.   Andy was 2011’s XBIZ and AVN’s performer of the year and appeared in the critically acclaimed film ‘ The Driver’.

When Charlie Skye first shot with us she was but eighteen.  She was sent our way by Andy. Yes, she is from Baltimore. She had shot with Bombshell Brats, so we felt comfortable in hiring her. Like Andy she was terrific. Charlie still shoots with us. Here are pics of the 18 year old Charlie.



Charlie recently told me an interesting story about their names. At one time both were dancers. She worked as Andy and Miss San Dimas worked as Charley.

 I was a bit disconcerted by our venture with the third eighteen year old with whom we shot.

 Lily Page was sent our way by Andy San Dimas. Lily had no experience but Andy convinced me that all would be well as she would be there as well. I agreed. Unfortunately, Andy had to drop out of the shoot and, I assumed, Lily needed to as well. Lily was persistant and convinced Charley Skye to bring her down. Yes, she too is from Baltimore.

She was an adoreable child, but when I say child, i mean just that. Charley and Andy were professional girls who , desite their tender years, were quite self sufficent. Lily lived at home with her mother.  At one point during the shoot, Lily’s mother called me. Lily gave her my phone number, as her mother wanted the phone number of the adult in charge, She had told her mother that she and her friends were attending a party. Fourtumately,  mom called as we were breaking for lunch and the sounds of girl’s laughing reverberated through our studio. Untill that point we had gone a bit easy on little Lily.  I decided to show her what a real spanking felt like. To her credit, she did not use her safe word. he following pics are from that scene.


I recently shot with Mary Jane Marley. An eighteen year old from Philadelphia.  She had a professional resume and the poor dear cried all day, as I spanked her hard.


You should seen the MJM scenes soon. I’d love to work Mary Jane with Veronica and Pixie.

So if you want to follow the stories of our young and restless brats just click on the pic below.


2 Responses to “The Very Young and Restless”

  • tim:

    David they are lovelyyoung girls well spanked ,best ,Tim.

  • Andy San Dimas was outstanding, one of your best “finds” I reckon… damn LA and the lure of the bright lights!!! It’s so easy for companies based out there, isn’t it?

    I’m very happy that you are still working with Ten, love her to bits!