The week at Punishedbrats





This has been an amazing week so let us start with Christmas Brat


Christmas Brat



Pandie and Miss Lisa



Pandie wanted to see what her mother had stashed under the tree. The little snoop was upset at what she found and let her mother know. Her mother noted that the present she opened was for her Aunt and not for the curious brat. She had a very special gift for Pandie…A Christmas Spanking with the bath brush.


As the bathbrush continues to fall upon her bottom, Pandie cries that she would gladly accept no presents if only the spanking would stop.



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Sisterly Attitude part 1


Cadence Lux and Joelle Barros





Joelle was happy that her little sister, Cadence, agreed to live with her after failing out of college. She felt that all she needed was a little guidance from her big sister. When Cadence arrives with a bad attitude, Joelle  knew the sort of guidance she required…. a bare bottom spanking.


sisterly1-2 sisterly1-3 sisterly1-4 sisterly1-5 sisterly1-6 sisterly1-7 sisterly1-8 sisterly1-9


Without Asking part 1





Audrey and Amber Pixie Wells





With party guests soon to arrive, Pixie couldn’t



find a dress she had planned to wear. She was shocked to see Audrey wearing her dress while not wearing panties. Pixie knows how to handle her intrusive roommate, a hard strapping on her bare bottom.





without1-2 without1-3 without1-4 without1-5 without1-6 without1-7 without1-8 without1-9





Talked with the Pixie yesterday. The initial edits are ready to roll on our ‘Three Strikes ” feature with Mandie Rae. Pixie commented ” Oh my God, she’s adorable”.
















It is hard to believe that tomorrow it has been one week since we shot ‘ Cyberpunk ‘ with Penny Stone. Our last two shoots are something that I’ve wanted to do for ages.



penny1 penny2 penny3








penny5 penny6 penny7 penny8










The new PB team is really coming together with a brand new crop of Punishedbrats Players. Stay tuned kids.


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college girl2-9





Audrey Evil and Non Evil












Amber Pixie Wells









Joelle Barros and Cadence Lux











de Mandie Rae







Penny Stone














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3 Responses to “The week at Punishedbrats”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    It looks like a lot of good spankings going on, David. Pixie sure did a good job of taking care of Audrey. Miss Lisa gave Pandie a taste of the nasty bath brush, too, for snooping. Of course, the lovely Joelle makes sure her sister learns a thing or two. BTW, I do see what you guys did to Penny! Major ouch factor, you meanie! 😛

  • Tim:

    Agrand week at Punished Brats indeed ,best,Tim.