The week at Punishedbrats, and it isn’t over





This week was a terrific one.



Cheerleader 2 : Daddy’s Home



Adriana Evans and David Pierson



cheerleader2 2-1





Adriana made the mistake of being disrespectful to her mother during her punishment and now must face her father. She is spanked on her already sore bare bottom.

As her father’s hands rain down upon her bare bottom, Adriana tearfully promises to always be respectful of her mother.






cheerleader2 2-2 cheerleader2 2-3 cheerleader2 2-4 cheerleader2 2-5 cheerleader2 2-6 cheerleader2 2-7 cheerleader2 2-8






Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







It’s finally graduation day and Joelle is moving on to study at a fine university. But before she leaves, she seeks guidance from Headmaster Valentine one final time.





graduation1-2 graduation1-3 graduation1-4 graduation1-5 graduation1-6 graduation1-7


Last night we debuted our ‘ Pandemonium at Home’ Series

This episode was called ‘ Waiting for Pandie


Pandie and Miss Lisa









Pandie’s mother received a call from school that she had been cutting class. Her mother informs her that she is to be spanked. Pandie protests that she is too old for such a childish punishment. Her

mother dresses Pandie in a manner befitting a three year old and declares ” If you are going to behave like a child, I will treat you as one”. Pandie is then given a bare bottom spanking.














waiting1-2 waiting1-3 waiting1-4 waiting1-5 waiting1-6 waiting1-7 waiting1-8



You can see the Pixie’s Preview video by clicking on the image below.








You can see all of this weeks preview vids by clicking in the image below.















I met the lovely Mandie Rae this evening. We had dinner and talked about tomorrow’s shoot.  She actually came up with the idea when we talked on the phone a few weeks ago. A very smart and adventurous young woman.


She came up with the concept for the shoot. I wrote the script and Mr. Valentine changed the script just a bit. It makes the story better and just a shade darker.


Speaking of Mr. Valentine







The man with the big hands was a guest blogger on the Cherry Red Report. You can read his piece here.





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Wish us luck tomorrow




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