THe Week That Was At Punished Brats



Well this week was exciting!



Let us start with







Lexi and Adriana







It was Saturday, and Lexi had been told to finish her chores before even considering going out. Undeterred, Lexi attempted to sneak out but was caught in the act by her big sister. An already exasperated Adriana decided to give her baby sis a lesson with her grandfather’s razor strap.

After Lexi’s punishment with the razor strap was over Adriana placed her incorrigible little sister in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. The usually rebellious Lexi only wanted the sting in her bottom to go away, but no matter how she jiggled and rubbed it wouldn’t.




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Now the video grabs





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Audrey knew that Kendall had been a handful for her mother so she invited her little sister to live with her. All was going well until little Kendal deciced to do some naked sunbathing. Audrey used this opportunity to set some limits with the little brat by giving her a good spanking.


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Now video grab theater


nakedvg1-2 nakedvg1-3 nakedvg1-4 nakedvg1-5 nakedvg1-6 nakedvg1-7 nakedvg1-8 nakedvg1-9 nakedvg1-10 nakedvg1-11 nakedvg1-12 nakedvg1-13 nakedvg1-14 nakedvg10


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