The Week That Was At Punishedbrats



Rent Check


Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound




Adriana is a few days late with the rent and when she claims that the check was eaten by the dog that wasn’t supposed to be on the property, Veronica is not amused.


Adriana  probably wishes she didn’t keep wooden spoons in her apartment


where Veronica could find them!



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Past Is Prologue: The Strict Headmaster Series Begins


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine

( This is a Punishedbrats Media, Joelle Barros Enterprises and Michel Valentine Technologies Production)







Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model  student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again,    gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine.





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Language Lesson



Ariel and Miss Sydney




When Ariel is asked what she learned from her painful week long  detention so far, she replies with vulgarity. Clearly she  hasn’t learned quite enough so Ms. Sydney must teach her a  lesson about the use of dirty words.Ariel won’t be able to find any position to sit comfortably for a while after getting her bottom and thighs thoroughly spanked by Ms. Sydney.



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Please support Veronica, who had her leg broken in an auto accident. It is a most severe injury. If you can send a car and a few dollars to support our friend please do.



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