The Week That Was at Punishedbrats

PUNISHED-BRATS20012 Well you got to know the very bratty, Kayleigh May in the opening of the ‘Brat Therapy’ series


The Assessment


Kayleigh May and Bevery Bacci




Kayleigh’s  behavior is out of control. She’s defiant and disrespectful  and her father, Michael Valentine, is at his wit’s end. He takes bratty Kayleigh to see a behavioral therapist who specializes  in such difficult cases.





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The Cost Of Living



Audrey and Miss Pandora



Audrey   has no idea what it’s like to have to worry about the cost  of living since she had always been cared for by her wealthy husband. Now that she is divorced, her friend and mentor Pandora is going to have to teach her that careless spending leads  to painful consequences.

This strapping is proving to be quite a wake up call for Audrey.  Pandora’s message about the importance of spending wisely  is truly hitting home.



cost2-2 cost2-3 cost2-4 cost2-5 cost2-6

Bullying Hurts



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







Joelle has been picking on the junior students and Mr. Valentine is going to teach her that bullying hurts.  Joelle is learning first hand that bullying hurts. It not only hurts those she picks on, but it hurts her bottom when Headmaster Valentine gives her a hairbrush punishment spanking.



bully1-7 bully1-8 bully1-9 bully2-1 bully2-2 bully2-3 bully2-4 bully2-6 bully2-7


It was an amazing week.


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