The week that was at Punishedbrats


The Assessment


Kayleigh May and Beverly Bacci





Kayleigh’s  behavior is out of control. She’s defiant and disrespectful   and her father, Michael Valentine, is at his wit’s end. He  takes bratty Kayleigh to see a behavioral therapist who specializes  in such difficult cases.

Dr. Bacci surprises Kayleigh by putting her OTK and making her  bottom as bright red as her hair.




assessment2-1 assessment2-2 assessment2-3 assessment2-4 assessment2-6 assessment2-7


Locked out Part 1


Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound







Adriana locked herself out of the apartment in the middle of the night   and has no one else to call but Veronica to let her back in.  While she’s relieved to get inside, she has to pay a tough     price for her carelessness.




locked1-2 locked1-3 locked1-4 locked1-5 locked1-6 locked1-7







The Interview part 1



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







Joelle put very little effort into her first college interview. When Headmaster Valentine gets a call from the college admissions office about Joelle’s attitude, he makes sure to give her the proper discipline to take such matters seriously.



interview1-2 interview1-3 interview1-4 interview1-5





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