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Cupcakes and Afterwards



Mandie Rae, Audrey and Dominic King









This is another of Mandie Rae’s tales located in the early 1960’s by way of the Twilight Zone. Mandie and her mother were preparing for that evening’s bake sale. When Mandie’s mother went to arrange the cupcakes that she had baked, she was shocked to learn that they were all but gone. It was clear that Mandie was the culprit, but she denied her guilt and attempted to blame her father. Her mother was so angry that she bent her daughter over the chair for a spanking with the spatula that started on her panties and then upon her bare bottom.



As Mandie’s mother spanked her daughter’s bare bottom with the spatula, she attempted to express her concerns that if Mandie’s behavior didn’t change and become more lady-like she would never make a good wife. Mandie exclaimed that she had no interest in being either. After her spanking was done Mandie was made to sit upon the hard wooden chair. Mandie’s mother noted that she was going to tell her father about her twisted values.





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Mandie’s father arrived home and greeted his daughter who was still sitting upon the wooden chair with her sore bottom pressed into it. Her father expressed his concern about Mandie’s lack of respect for the role of women in this society. To deal with this matter he washed his rebellious daughter’s mouth out with soap.




afterwardsvg1-1 afterwardsvg1-2 afterwardsvg1-3 afterwardsvg1-4 afterwardsvg1-6 afterwardsvg1-7 afterwardsvg1-8 afterwardsvg1-9




afterwards1-1 afterwards1-2



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Dark Dance Of The Heart : Editing Audrey part 1







Joelle and Bianca returned from a night on the town only to find an unclothed Audrey in their bed. At first Joelle thought it was funny that her editor did this. However, after she suggested a three way, Joelle put her friend of many years over the bed while she and her lovely companion spanked her.







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editingvg1-1 editingvg1-2 editingvg1-3 editingvg1-4 editingvg1-5 editingvg1-6 editingvg1-7 editingvg1-8 editingvg1-9 editingvg1-10


This video is available on DVD too. I think this series is best watched as a complete film. I will provide it that way as we finish the series.



From the news series ” Six Ways To Spank A Brat”



Cheating Hurts part 1




Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound








Veronica came to confront Cadence about the fact that she is cheating on her son with a hoodlum named Scott. When Cadence cursed the aggrieved mother she was greeted with a slap to the face and an over-the-knee spanking that started on her form fitting pants then on to her lacey panties.




hurts1-1 hurts1-2 hurts1-3 hurts1-4 hurts1-5 hurts1-6 hurts1-8



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hurtsvg1-1 hurtsvg1-2 hurtsvg1-3 hurtsvg1-4 hurtsvg1-5 hurtsvg1-6 hurtsvg1-7 hurtsvg1-8 hurtsvg1-9 hurtsvg1-10


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