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Kitty’s First Day At School-part 1





Kitty was not happy that she was being sent to school and one that required the wearing of a uniform. Of course Audrey was sending her little sister to a top preparatory school so that next year she can enter the University of her choice. Kitty attempted to get out of going to school by feigning illness but her big sister was ready for this. As she had lost her young adult privileges, Audrey took her temperature rectally. Kitty felt beyond humiliated and then worse as her temperature came back as normal and Audrey began to spank little sister’s bare bottom with the hairbrush.



Scott’s Six Scenes of Spankng


Adriana Evans, Audrey , Michael Valentine and david Pierson




Punishments from The Cyberpunk Future



Penny Stone, Bianca Rose, Adriana Evans, Delirious Hunter and Veronica Bound







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Well today sucked in a personal kind of way.


I am tired of being the target of those who are so ready to feel abused that they assault  those already on their side.  I’ve no need to awaken to such crap. I get up at 7 am. Trust me, I was woke before such was a term. That being said, I’ll not tolerate such attacks by text. Pussy move. All have my phone number,

Good night all


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