The Week that was at Punishedbrats





Ariel and Miss Sydney



Ariel was caught shoplifting and in the headmistress’ absence, must take her punishment from young teacher Sydney. Her hands are first strapped followed by a handspanking on her bare bottom.



After her painful first punishment, Ariel knows she’s in for a tough week of detention and discipline from Ms. Sydney.

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Drunk On Campus – part 1

Tara and Audrey

Tara went for a tour of the college but ended up spending most of her time partying at a current student’s dorm room. She comes home stumbling drunk and is ordered by Audrey to sleep it off and then face her punishment.

drunk1-1 drunk1-2 drunk1-3 drunk1-4 drunk1-5 drunk1-6
It’s funny. I marked the pics above as ” drunk”. Right next to them are a series with Audrey entitled drinking
Brittney and David Pierson

Brittney is spanked for smacking her fiance with her phone in a fit of rage.


Brittney promises to tone down her hostile attitude but her uncle David is going to make sure she has changed her ways before letting her off his lap.

( A true story from my life..sorta)
conflict2-1 conflict2-2 conflict2-3 conflict2-4 conflict2-5 conflict2-6
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