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The Threat


Kim Chi and David Pierson








The response to this one ever surprised me


The Juliet Valentina  Collection




1. Undelivered Letters
Juliet has been caught forging her mother’s signature on all of her disciplinary notices. After Principal Veronica is through spanking her for her actions, Juliet is promising not only never to forge a signature again, but swearing she’ll be the best behaved girl in her class.

2. Politics of Spanking 1
Young republican, Juliet, has been so focused on the needs of her political club, she’s let her grades suffer. Her mom Susan is determined to change her attitude if not her political views.

3. Politics of Spanking 2
Now in the role of free spirited democrat, Juliet announces that she won’t be attending school in favor of attending a rally. Her strict republican father Tony won’t stand for it and makes sure she will be in class even if she won’t be sitting comfortably.

4. Stepdad
Juliet has been giving her stepdad David nothing but attitude. When she finally pushes him too far, he roasts her pajama clad bottom ensuring she’ll be sleeping on her tummy that night.

5. Ninja Student
Juliet has been missing class and hanging out at Master Larry’s ninja school instead. But her newly honed ninja skills won’t help her get out of a spanking from her mom Clare.

6. Aunt Chelsea’s Rules
Juliet always thought her aunt was a pushover. But she soon discovers that when Aunt Chelsea gets tough, it means big trouble for her backside.

Bonus scene: Juliet and David Pierson in Ode to Spanking.


Wow did this update do well


Private Matters AT The Boarding School


Gianna Love and Mia Kay





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This Just In, Dark Dance Of The Heat

An Even Darker Dance


Delirious Hunter, Nadia White and David Pierson


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