The Week That was At Punishedbrats: Video Version



The Week That Was At Punishedbrats


Dark Dance Of The Heart IV: The Experienced and Inexperienced Girlfriend


Delirious  Hunter, Nadia White and David Pierson




In addition to being an acclaimed writer, the Delirious Hunter also worked for an out-call company known as ‘The Experienced Girlfriend.’

The money was great, and the experience often added material for her writing. That night, she and Audrey were to have performed a girl on girl show for a special client, but Audrey cancelled at the last minute. Not sure what to do, Nadia picked up on her lover’s stress and asked if she could come.

At first the Hunter noted it was out of the question, but when pushed she agreed to do the session with Nadia. As the two performed for their client, he enjoyed the show a bit too much and achieved peak arousal long before expected.

Once he handed over the money to the Delirious Hunter, she quickly became aware that he was over $1000.00 short. He explained that he had inadvertently taken out the incorrect amount of money from his account. Not satisfied with this answer, Nadia pulled out a knife from a place no one was sure of and threatened the client.

The Delirious Hunter quickly disarmed her lover knowing full well that there would be a price to pay for Nadia’s misbehavior. When they arrived home, Mr. Pierson was already present.

He instructed both girls to disrobe and bend over the bed. In this position, David went to work upon their naked bottoms with a crop provided by the Delirious Hunter. David cropped the girls upon their bottoms and legs.

Then, her spread their bottoms and cropped them upon the assholes. Then, David instructed them to turn around and accept the crop to their breasts and vaginas.

This ended the company’s punishment, but now came the spanking that the client would get to watch. The first intense spanking would be given to the Delirious Hunter .




The Model’s Crime



Delirious Hunter and David Pierson






The Delirious Hunter let her “top model” status get to her head, resulting in unearned confidence and arrogance. She got into a habit of coming in late and doing whatever she felt like doing.

She came into the office very casually late one night, and was suprised when she found her manager waiting for her. He was upset, not only because of her attitude and chronic tardiness, but because she had grossly misused her allotted funds.

The Delirious Hunter had used the funds that were specifically allocated for her own personal wardrobe on a night out on the town with the other models, and their wardrobes, as well.

Her furious manager, David, was not having this and decided to give his young, hotheaded model a good ‘attitude adjustment’ and make her pay back the misused funds via corporal punishment.

He forced her to lie face down over the couch, while he administered a firm spanking on her bare bottom while berating her for her actions. Her cries of anguish and embarrassment echoed through the modeling firm’s office.

Then, she was left to stand facing the wall with her red bottom on display while her manager made some important business calls.


Girl Trouble 11




Lilly, Andi Rae, Bronte; Pixie, Angelina, Charlie, Veronica Bound , Beverly Bacci and Miss Susan







Well I hope you enjoyed this week, As you can see we are working on a new format but that being said we have asked you for your opinion. We not just give you a full video and not cut then up. Doing so eats up our material quickly. That being said the only way we can continue is via your support and that means a subscription ..otherwise there is no money to go forward. Unlike in recent times I can’t take a scheduled shoot off no matter the reason. Before vacation I had two planned shoots scheduled but neither happened, at lest as expected. Chloe was supposed to shoot a few days prior to my vacation with Skyler Grey but didn’t show .  Since we have spoken and I understand her situation but this is the second time the Skyler got screwed. Just a few weeks prior Mia was to have shown up for a shoot but text me at 7 am to say that she needed to attended a training for work. Hardy enough notice for us.

We also had planned a special shoot with Audrey and Delirious Hunter . Due to an emergency on Audrey’s part that shoot could not happen..and the Delirious Hunter could only bottom for three scenes as she had other biz awaiting. None of which I was aware as they could have picked up the hotel expense.


I have a shoot with Adriana and Audrey set for Saturday as these are family members I expect this one to work.


After speaking with Chloe I understand her situation  yet I don’t think her explanation acceptable    in a professional sense. Skyler got screwed for the second time . The only was Chloe makes a return to PB is by working with me and this will be a five scene discipline shoot. If you want to buy a scene or several write me . I intend for it to be a long tearful day


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