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Well our featured Movie Of The week is :

Against The Odds


Audrey and ( the evil) Kim Chi












Of Course in the prior episode Kim was spanked by Audrey and didn’t like it one bit. Who knew she was an organized crime queen in training, getting a getting a superlative education so she can handle her father’s empire one day. It was decided that the family would benefit from Kim’s dealing with Audrey, the headmistress of her school with her family watching.    Audrey had a bad gambling problem and owed someone a lot of money. Little did she realize it was the Chi family.


How did I describe this is previous iterations of the tale?

On the PB site I said:



Audrey knew she was in trouble as her gambling debts had piled up and she had no way of paying. She had no idea how the crime family would come to collect the debt. There, she was a highly respected Headmistress of a Girl’s boarding school yet suffered from a bad gambling problem. As she was about to take a sip from a bottle of vodka, in walked Kim Chi, the girl she had spanked the day before. It didn’t dawn on her right away, but Kim’s father was the person to whom she owed her debts, and Kim was there to collect the debt.

Kim was being groomed to take the place of her father at the top of his organization when the time came. With Mr. Chi watching, Kim took Audrey roughly by the hair and placed the headmistress over her knee and gleefully spanked her bare bottom taunting her all of the way. At one point, Kim decided that she wanted to use an implement on the headmistress and dumped her on the ground. Kim returned with a strap paddle and punished the headmistress severely while continuing her taunting.

Once the spanking was over, Audrey was blindfolded and her panties were fully lowered so that there was nothing hiding her mysteries. Then, the bottle of vodka was placed between her legs as the girl took pictures for additional leverage


Another on C4S was


After a hard day Miss Audrey pulled out a bottle of her favorite whiskey to relax when in walked Kim. Unbeknownst to Miss Audrey Kim is the daughter of a powerful mob figure to whom Audrey owes much money due to her gambling problem.  Broadcasting the event back to her daddy Kim took Audrey by the hair hard, tossed her over her lap  lowered her panties and spanked the headmistress by hand and strap paddle, Despite the fact that Audrey agreed that Kim was now a scholarship student with tuition paid in full Kim made it known that she would visit Miss Audrey each week to spank her until her debt is paid

Sometimes the more to the point one gets the better.



Then we presented a video we must have shot during a two day back to back shoot  we did in 2006 with many of your old faves. I swear this thing cost over $9000.00

It stuns me when PB paid so much we find it all of these years later.




Here is what I wrote in explanation


This is a found video featuring Amber Pixie wells, Beverly Bacci, and myself. I can tell by the subject matter that it was written by my brother. His vision of Punishedbrats was that each video was like a 1950’s sitcom in which the girl got spanked in every show.


Pixie had gotten into trouble by texting in class and was trying to tell her friend Beverly that she didn’t have a problem in dealing with Dean Pierson as she had him wrapped. Beverly knew better and asked for the real story. The truth was that Pixie was given a bare bottom spanking and paddling.


Lastly we presented

Detention Day One



Mia Kay and Gianna love


This was Mia’s first spanking shoot and the poor child cried though each scene. Gianna is an experienced pro in whom I has no issue in abusing


I wasn’t happy with my webmaster’s cut of the two scenes thus











t was day one of their detention and Mia asked Gianna how long did she think Dr. Pierson would keep them. Gianna responded that it wasn’t how long, but how much it would hurt. Once Dr. Pierson arrived, he wasted no time and instructed Mia to come to the front of the room. She was required to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. He informed the girl that she would be receiving 30 strokes of the meter stick. When the first stroke landed, Mia nearly jumped over the desk. She wasn’t sure how she could take twenty-nine more.
Mia was shocked at how much the meter stick hurt when it landed upon her bare bottom. It wasn’t long before she was crying and apologizing for her behavior. Once her punishment was over, she was sent to the corner to serve corner time.

As prefect of her esteemed house, Gianna was aware that corporal punishment given to one such as she would be rather severe. As with Mia, Gianna was instructed to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. Once the first blow fell, she knew that she was unprepared to take such a severe discipline. Dr. Pierson was unrelenting in his attack upon Gianna’s naked bottom. Once the 30th stoke had landed, he called for Mia to bend over the desk and await the arrival of the student counsel who would document their spankings

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