The Week That Was: Video Edition



Weaponized Detention Day 2 : part 1


Audrey and David Pierson








Audrey reported to detention with Dr Pierson as was required. Her heart skipped a beat when she learned that on this day she would be strapped on her bare bottom. Audrey lowered her panties and bent over the desk. She let out a loud shriek when the strap landed upon her exposed bottom.



The Housemaid: The Movie


Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound






Joelle and the Headmaster


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine






  1. The Past Is Prologue:

Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again, gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine. Joelle will need to be on her best behavior for the remainder of the year or else she will find herself bottom up on a regular basis.


  1. Bullying

Joelle has been picking on the junior students and Mr. Valentine is going to teach her that bullying hurts. Joelle is learning first hand that bullying hurts. It not only hurts those she picks on, but it hurts her bottom when Headmaster Valentine gives her a hairbrush punishment spanking.


  1. The Interview

Joelle put very little effort into her first college interview. When Headmaster Valentine gets a call from the college admissions office about Joelle’s attitude, he makes sure to give her the proper discipline to take such matters seriously. After such a painful paddling, Joelle is sure to fully apply herself in her next university interview.


  1. Breaking Curfew

Joelle has broken curfew on exam week and Headmaster Valentine is waiting for her in the student lounge. He is not very happy to find that she is once again not taking her school career a seriously as she should.


  1. Graduation Day

It’s finally graduation day and Joelle is moving on to study at a fine university. But before she leaves, she seeks guidance from Headmaster Valentine one final time. s Mr. Valentine applies the strap to her bare bottom, Joelle learns that the most important lessons in life often are painful ones.



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