There is a reason it’s called a fetish and other news



You would never believe the number of emails that I received about my response to Bob a few days ago. I don’t mind criticism at all but at least know what the hell you are talking about.


 Our first controversy had nothing to do with severity. Believe it or not, the original bone of contention was about panties. Yes panties.


Some wanted up to do the peel. That means the spanking starts over clothes then panties and then, bare.

A good example of this is ‘Summer Job’ with Amber Wells.




                          panties6 panties7 panties8



Another issue was panty placement, as in how far down to pull them.



                               panties1 panties2 panties3



Clearly that is why this is a fetish. People are very specific about their desires.


In other news, Fetish Central here in Philadelphia otherwise known as Passional has moved with its grand opening this Friday.

From Passional:

We are proud to announce that we are officially moving to our new location on the third floor at 317 South Street this week! We’re kicking off the schedule with our grand opening event on Saturday, June 29th. This event will feature some of our Passion101 teachers, presenting sample lessons from their upcoming classes, including Timaree, WiseProtector, Veronica Bound, and Sexploratorium staff members Tahnee and Jeremy! Then we will pick up our regular summer schedule on July 6th. All event and class info. below!

What you don’t know is that our own Veronica Bound did the renavation. She is an

architect by education and training. Worked for many years in a major firm.
One sexy architect, don’t you think? Veronica will be giving bondage instructions at 8:30pm on Friday.
Now some preview pics for our shoot with Tara and Audrey curtesy of Amber Wells via “Pixie’s Previews”.
Amber Said:

I’m still finishing up the editing on the Brittney and David shoot which will be ready for release soon, but here are some quick pics from the next shoot already! Tara is getting her bottom scorched by Audrey.




                           A&T1 A&t2 a&t3


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