Things Coming: that sounded bad






We have some  two very cool series in the pipeline.



We were busy in December and shot two series .


Mandie’s Tales: Concepts written by Mandie and screenplay by me.

Affection Rivals: Concept written by Joelle and Screenplay by me.









IMG_3210_edited IMG_3220_edited IMG_3253_edited IMG_3338_edited IMG_3440_edited IMG_3464_edited






IMG_4003_edited IMG_4213_edited



One thing this year is that I’m going to be on camera lots more.  It’s hard because someone has to shoot the material.


I directed this one with Dominick on main camera and Mandie on butt cam.



IMG_3762_edited IMG_3800_edited






Joelle’s series was her first meeting with Veronica. I’ve known Joelle since 2011. She was the last brat to shoot with my brother. How the two didn’t meet before this is beyond me.
































They should be in soon ( or I’m screwed!)



Everyone’s talking about our ” New Principal Series’. The one shot before a studio audience with Cadence Lux

Mr Osborne posted this on his blogg ( like that?)




So people really love this.





protest1-1 protest1-2 protest1-3 protest1-4 protest1-5 protest1-6 protest1-7 protest1-8





Well, many of you purchased the DVD and soon it will be available on streaming  here




If you are interested in attending a PB shoot or theater show let me know.









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