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Sneaking Computer 1



Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound






As part of her punishment, Adriana was denied the use of her cell phone and computers. When Adriana’s father’s iPad went missing her mother knew just where too look. A quick trip to her daughter’s room turned up the missing device. Adriana’s pajama bottoms were pulled down and the naughty brat was given a hard strapping upon her bare bottom.


As the strap, wielded by her mother, descends upon her bare bottom time and again, all the bratty princess could do was squirm, cry and beg for this punishment to be over.






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Caught In The Act part 1





Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells







Mandie’s mother couldn’t have arrived home at a worse time. Mandie had secretly watched one of her father’s (Scott) spanking DVDs. Just as she was in the midst of pleasuring herself, in walked her mom. Mom was not at all pleased and thought that if her daughter enjoys watching spanking, perhaps she needed to experience it in reality. Mandie’s mom took a hairbrush to the seat of her daughter’s jeans. After several swats, much to mandie’s humiliation, she was required to stand and take down her pants. With less protection the hairbrush hurt much more. Suddenly, Mandie’s mom grabbed her daughter’s panties and started to lower them. Mandie tried to stop her but her hand was slapped away and now her punishment continued on her red, exposed bottom.



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Seven Scenes DVD

Seven Scenes DVD


Artist’s Model



Erica Corvina and Joelle Barros








Joelle had picked Erica from the many models at the agency to do a commercial shoot to sell computers, despite her reputation of being difficult, Joelle decided to take a chance on Erica under the assumption that if Erica couldn’t make computers sexy, no one could. To Joelle’s horror, Erica just wouldn’t put out any energy during the shoot. Joelle knew how to get her money’s worth out of this problematic muse. To motivate her, she took Erica over her lap and spanked her. She started the discipline over her dress. After a time the aggravated artist lifted the dress and spanked the exotic beauty on her panties. Erica let out a gasp as Joelle lowered her panties and spanked the model on her bare bottom.


Many of Joelle’s colleagues believed that she was thinking with an organ other than her brain when she selected Erica for this assignment. Joelle was perplexed by this herself. As she spanked the ill-behaved model, in many ways she seemed to be pleased in providing this act of discipline. After the spanking was over Joelle decided to shoot the spanked model in the nude. All would see that she was spanked.





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  • Tim:

    David a brilliant week at P.B. with lovely Joelle spanking lovely Erica and all the others spanked ,David a Happy Birthday from another Birthday boy ,best,Tim.