This amazing week at Punishedbrats





Kitchen Conflagration




Joelle Baros and Veronica Bound








To show her contempt towards Veronica, Joelle had thrown out the quail eggs and caviar that her father’s new fianc� had brought for as a special holiday breakfast. Joelle sat on the counter with a look of glee as Veronica located the expensive food in the trash. The smile quickly left Joelle’s face as Veronica lifted her off the counter and exclaimed “You don’t know who you’re messing with, kid!”Joelle soon found herself dancing to the tune of the wooden spoon

Joelle was truly quite stirred after the hard spanking she suffered with the wooden spoon.





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Now video grab theater



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Three cheers part 1



Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound







Cadence asked to be excused from detention so that she could attend cheer practice, a requirement for her to cheer in Saturday’s game. Veronica agreed and Cadence was elated until she realized that her spanking was going to happen on the spot. At first Cadence was worried that the other girls would see her red bottom. After the first few spanks had her dancing, her concerns turned elsewhere.





cheers1-2 cheers1-3 cheers1-4 cheers1-5 cheers1-6



Video grabs








cheersvg1-1 cheersvg1-2 cheersvg1-3 cheersvg1-4 cheersvg1-5 cheersvg1-6 cheersvg1-7 cheersvg1-8 cheersvg1-9 cheersvg1-10 cheersvg1-11 cheersvg1-12





First Week Home




Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa








Bianca is now a freshman in college and is happy with her new adult to adult relationship with her mother. That was until her mother angrily approached her with a two hundred dollar ticket for underage drinking. Suddenly the college girl found herself over her mother’s lap and being spanked while she pleads for forgiveness.




After her spanking was over, Bianca’s mother warned her that her next bare bottom spanking would happen at school should she get cited for underage drinking again.



home1-2 home1-3 home1-4 home1-5 home1-6 home1-7 home2-1 home2-2 home2-3 home2-4 home2-5 home2-6 home2-7 home2-8


Video grabs



homevg1-1 homevg1-2 homevg1-3 homevg1-4 homevg1-5 homevg1-6 homevg1-7 homevg1-8 homevg1-9 homevg1-10 homevg1-11 homevg1-12 homevg1-14 homevg1-15 homevg2-1 homevg2-2 homevg2-3 homevg2-4 homevg2-5 homevg2-6 homevg2-7 homevg2-8



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