This Week A Punishedbrats: Video Edition





A Switch In Time


Ava Little and Chloe  Noir








After the girls attempt at escape, Dean Pierson felt it essential that an example be made of the Ava and Chloe. He arrived with what he referred to as a switch but it looked more like a thin cane. Their punishment was to be transmitted to all of the residents in town, but it was required viewing for all of the “little girls.” Ava was first to feel the sting of the switch. She was bent over a set of library stairs, her skirt lifted, panties lowered. She felt even more humiliated than usual as she was aware that her bare bottom punishment was that night’s entertainment. When the first stoke landed, all Ava could do was to remain in place as tears welled up in her eyes.

Ava’s switching went on until Dean Pierson was sure that the little red head had learned her lesson and, in turn, all of the other “little girls” in town, too. Next it is Chloe’s turn to face the Dean’s switch.

After sending Ava on her way, it was now Chloe’s turn to taste the stick. The Dean knew that Ava was naturally submissive but Chloe remained defiant and thus a threat to the community. Her punishment needed to be much longer and more severe. Chloe was acutely aware of that too, and she was filled with dread as she was bent over the stairs. As her panties were lowered, she flushed as she knew that her punishment was being broadcast to the entire town. This embarrassment soon passed as the switch began to find its mark upon her bottom.

The switch came down time and again upon Chloe’s bottom until she promised to be a good little girl. Once the dean was convinced that Chloe meant what she said, her punishment was at an end. Then Ava was called back into the room. Each girl was placed by a picture window with their stripped bottoms on display for all of the town to see.





The Disastrous Dinner Party  part 1
Serenity Rayne and Nicki



Nicki took his lovely new wife to a dinner party held to support his family’s foundation. Unfortunately, Serenity had gotten into an argument with the wife of a major donor. When they arrived home, Nicki attempted to explain matters to his young spouse. When she was in no way sorry for her behavior, she was taken over her husband’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.




Adriana Evans: That’s Gotta Hurt


Adriana Evans, David Pierson, Audrey , Ami Mercury and Dominic King



Adriana Evans: That’s Gotta Hurt
Adriana Evans, David Pierson, Aurdrey; Ami Mercury and Dominic King






Chapter one: The Paddle
Adriana’s painful story began when she was a student at the prestigious Amber Well’s School For Girls. One day, Adriana was caught in the janitor’s closet with a young man from the boys school. The Amber Wells School was known as an institution for gifted girls and prior to their discovery, Adriana’s gifts were on full display.
After a meeting of the governing board, the talented but occasionally gifted Miss Evans was sentenced to two days of corporal punishment or be expelled. Of course, Adriana chose the corporal punishment. The punishment was to be administered by Dean Pierson.
That Saturday, Adriana reported to Dean Pierson’s residence for her first punishment. She was informed that on that day she was to receive twenty-five whacks with the school paddle. She was made to kneel on a chair with her bottom thrust upwards in perfect punishment position.
The first five whacks were administered to the seat of her jeans. After the first five, she was required to remove all clothing below her waist. With such a harsh punishment, it is required that punishments in excess of five stokes be delivered on the bare. By the time this punishment was over, Adriana had spent several minutes writhing and wiggling on the chair in an attempt to displace the pain that went through her as the paddled landed upon her naked bottom.
Once this punishment was over, Adriana was reminded to report back the following day for her second day of correction. All Adriana could do was wonder what fresh hell awaited her.

Chapter 2: The Cane
The following day, Adriana reported for her second day of torment. Her heart sunk as she was informed that on this day she was to receive twenty-five strokes with the cane. After taking her place on the chair, the first five painful stokes were administered to the bottom of her jeans. Then, as was the case the day before, she was required to remove all clothing from her waist down. She suffered the next twenty hard stokes on her bare bottom.

Chapter 3: Caned In Malaysia
It was a few years later when Adriana was vacationing with her friends Audrey and Ami. They were having a great time until they were caught smoking pot. If not for the intercession of the US Embassy the girl’s would have faced prison and a public caning. Instead the embassy worked out an arrangement with the Malaysian government in which the girls would be punished by an official of the Embassy in accordance with the requirements with their law.
The girls were informed that they were to receive twenty-five strokes with a cane. All Adriana could think was “not again” when she learned of their fate. She and her friends were made to strip off their clothes and sit upon a bench awaiting for their sentence to be executed. Adriana was the first to face the cane. She looked at the embassy’s executive charged with carrying the sentence. When she got a look at her executioner she thought he looked much like Dean Piersion. She realized that the stress of the situation had gotten the best of her. The naked girl was made to bend over a chair and the parameters of the sentence was explained.
When the first stoke landed Adrian realized that this pain was much worse than the discipline she received at school. After the first stroke landed upon the naked girl’s bottom she let out a loud shout and wigged trying to ameliorate the pain in anyway. Tears stated to flow immediately and knowing that there were twenty-four strokes to go.
Chapter 4: My Husband’s truck
A few years on, Adriana was happily married to her longtime lover Dominic. The lived upon a mountain in which they could see the entire valley from their house. Spanking had always been a part of their relationship but usually a few moments of pain led to other more pleasurable pursuits. One day, there was a nasty snowstorm but Adriana had a shopping trip planned. She knew that her car could not handle the snow so she took Dominic’s precious truck to make her way down the hill go shopping. Once on her way down the hill she realized how treacherous the conditions where as she crashed her husband’s truck into her neighbor’s Lexus.
Upon his arrival home Dominic was furious and took his spouse over his lap for a hard bare bottom spanking by his large hands. After a time he made her take the walk of shame with her leotards and panties down and fetch the hairbrush. He spanked his tearful spouse until he was certain that the lesson had been learned. As Adriana stood in the corner with her red sore bottom on display she thought, “the more things change the more they remain the same.”




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