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Playmates: Chloe’s Spanking




Chloe Noir, Ava Little and Audrey






Chloe wondered what had happened to her playmate and walked into the bedroom. Upon seeing Ava standing in the corner, freshly bathed and spanked, she thought it best if she made a hasty retreat. Mommy Audrey stopped her from leaving, noting that she had gotten a call from school and she was not applying herself. This had earned her a spanking. This was especially humiliating to her as this punishment was to happen with Ava in the room.
After a long, bare bottom spanking, Chloe promised to be an obedient little girl. She was then placed next to Ava and they both stood in the corner with their red bottoms exposed.





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Now a few stills from the movie

playmateschloevg1-1 playmateschloevg1-2 playmateschloevg1-3 playmateschloevg1-4 playmateschloevg1-5 playmateschloevg1-6 playmateschloevg1-7 playmateschloevg1-8 playmateschloevg1-9 playmateschloevg1-10 playmateschloevg1-11 playmateschloevg1-12 playmateschloevg2-1 playmateschloevg2-2 playmateschloevg2-3 playmateschloevg2-4 playmateschloevg2-5 playmateschloevg2-6 playmateschloevg2-7 playmateschloevg2-8 playmateschloevg2-9 playmateschloevg2-10 playmateschloevg2-11 playmateschloevg2-12










Attraction at an Exhibition


Bianca Rose and Autumn Bodell





Bianca was stressing about her big night at the Mitchner. Her multimedia installation was her most ambitious artistic move of her career. On her way in, she was greeted by Autumn. Autumn loved Bianca’s work and said the right words to restore Bianca’s confidence. After the exhibit, Bianca invited her new friend back to her house for an entirely different form of exploration. After thoroughly examining one another’s secret places, Bianca asked if Autumn could stay for a time. She had to let her new object of desire that loving her involved pain as well as pleasure. The tall red head then gave Autumn a demonstration of the pleasure of pain.


attraction1-2 attraction1-3 attraction1-4 attraction1-5 attraction1-6 attraction1-7 attraction1-8



Now a few stills from the movie



attractionvg1-1 attractionvg1-2 attractionvg1-3 attractionvg1-4 attractionvg1-5 attractionvg1-6 attractionvg1-7 attractionvg1-8 attractionvg1-9 attractionvg1-10 attractionvg1-11 attractionvg1-12 attractionvg1-13 attractionvg1-14 attractionvg1-15 attractionvg1-16 attractionvg1-17 attractionvg1-18 attractionvg1-19 attractionvg1-20 attractionvg1-21
















I am very proud of our Dark Dance series





As I posted 1001 pix last night the next section will be all video




Kitty Catherine’s Spanking Fantasies Episodes 1-3



Kitty Catherine and Bianca Rose




Chapter 1: Stealing Candy
Kitty had snuck into Miss Bianca’s office to satisfy her desire for a piece of candy. She can not resist the young principal’s delicious caramels. As she was partaking in her treat, in walked the Miss Bianca who made it clear that she was less than happy that little Miss Kitty had surreptitiously gone into her office and helped herself to the candy. She took the little thief over her lap and proceeded to spank her. Very soon Kitty found that her bared bottom hurt very much and through her tears promised not to ever do this again.
Miss Bianca spanked the terminally cute Kitty until she was crying and promised not to steal candy from her office again. Kitty was placed in the corner with her spanked bottom on display. She was also required to spend an hour in detention later that day.

Chapter 2: Popping Gum In Class

Kitty was made to report to detention for stealing candy from Miss Bianca’s office. Upon her arrival, she attempted to use her cuteness and get out of this punishment. She noted that she had already been spanked, but she found Miss Bianca unmoved. Being the brat she is, Kitty could not help herself and while sitting in detention started popping gum. She soon found herself bent over the desk for more punishment. She was given thirty stokes with the meter stick. Ten over her skirt, ten on her panties, and then ten on her bare bottom. The tearful girl was shocked when she learned that this was but part of her punishment.

Kitty cried as she took her thirty whacks from the meter stick. Then, to her shock, Miss Bianca spanked her by hand. Afterwards, the tearful brat was made to sit at her desk with her sore, bare bottom pressed into the hard seat.

Chapter 3: Reading After Dark

Kitty was caught by her Auntie Bianca reading a pornographic magazine under the covers with a flashlight. She was then taken out of bed, had her PJ bottoms lowered and a hard spanking ensued.

Auntie Bianca spanked Kitty until she tearfully promised not to read such material again. Once her spanking was over, all Kitty wanted to do was pull up her pajama bottoms but she was instructed that she was to sleep with them down. Kitty cried herself to sleep, on her stomach.











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