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The Tutor- Ava’s strapping part 1


After Dean Pierson had placed Chloe in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display, Ava was brought into the room. She was made to bend over the bed-board, her panties were lowered and her strapping began. Within seconds she was pleading for forgiveness.


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Nadia’s Spanking Dreams: A Spanking Before School





Nadia had an argument with her roommate Bianca over the timely paying of her rent. Bianca noted that she could tell she hadn’t been spanked as a child and hence this self-centered attitude. As Nadia settled in bed to sleep, the word spanking reverberated through her mind as she drifted off to sleep. Suddenly she is dressing in a schoolgirl uniform when in walks Bianca and drags her down the hall. When she asked Bianca what was up, she was told to not refer to her mother by her first name and that she was about to get the spanking she was promised last night after cursing at her mother. Confused, Nadia was taken over her mother’s lap, skirt lifted; panties lowered and then her bare bottom was spanked by hand and hairbrush.
Nadia was stunned as her roommate now playing her mother in her dream spanked her bare bottom until she promised to be good. After her spanking, Bianca placed the naughty girl in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display.



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Now a few stills from the movie


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The Re-Education of Delirious Hunter


Delirious Hunter and Bianca Rose


Episode 1 : Processing




Hunter has been brought to a reeducation center in which those who rebel against the new government are given the proper motivation not to do so again. Delirious Hunter, as she is known in the underground, did not know the full extent of her group’s activities so she was given a light sentence of seven days at the center. At first, she was relived but she was informed that the court had ordered that she suffer through three sessions of corporal punishment. After her sentence was read, she was left in the hands of Miss Bianca, the head counselor. Hunter was required to remove all of her clothing and was then subject to a body cavity search. Once Miss Bianca had finished with the search, Hunter mumbled ‘bitch.’ She thought her comment was inaudible but the Miss Bianca heard it. She had violated a major rule at the camp in doing so. The punishment for this is a spanking on the spot. As the head counselor spanked Hunter to tears, the other girls on the unit could hear her cries and pleas for mercy. As a member of the resistance, she was seen as something of an heroic figure, but there she was crying and begging for the punishment to stop, promising to never again disrespect any staff members




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Now a few stills from the movie



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Episode 2: Session One





It was time for Hunter’s first discipline session. Knowing that her punishment was being broadcast to the nation, she wanted to face her ordeal with courage. However, once in the room, fear took over and she pleaded not to be punished in this way. Miss Bianca was having none of it. She was to be punished with a series of paddles. She was made to remove her pants and to prepare. Her punishment started with a leather paddle and then ten whacks with the meter stick paddle. Her cries could be heard all through the building. Now Hunter was bent over for ten hard swats with a thick paddle. Each blow of the paddle made her scream out. After her treatment with the paddle was over, she was led to the spiked punishment chair and instructed to sit. She was reluctant to have her tender bottom touch the spikes, but Miss Bianca took her by the shoulders and pushed her down hard eliciting a loud scream from the convicted anarchist.



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Now a few stills from the movie


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  • Tim:

    David a great week at Punished Brats .Can the police do anything to stop these blasted pirates perhaps ? .Allt e best from Tim to you David keep strong if you can P.B. is much loved.