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I feel Sick




Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound









As part of her Punishment, Adriana was made to wear her little girl frilly panties under her school uniform. Adriana was so fearful of this embarrassing form of punishment being discovered by her school mates, that she feigned illness. “I can’t go to school, I feel feverish,” she told her mother. Not believing this claim in any way, Adriana’s mother left the room briefly, returning with a thermometer in one hand and a large hairbrush in the other. Adriana was mortified when she found herself over her mother’s lap and the thermometer inserted into her bottom, a reminder that her adult privileges had been revoked for the week. When, invariably, it was found that Adriana wasn’t sick, her mother then employed the heavy hairbrush to her already exposed bottom.

Adriana cried and pleaded with her mother to stop spanking her with the very heavy hairbrush. Unfortunately for Adriana, her mother was unmoved and blow after blow from this hairbrush of horror landed time and time again, causing Adriana to kick and squirm on her mother’s lap. As her spanking was completed, Adriana whimpered and tried to rub the pain from her very sore, red bottom. Perhaps what she dress1aded most was the thought of spending the day in school, sitting at her desk and the attendant discomfort she was sure to feel from her burning bottom




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Act Your Age







Failure Will Not Be Tolerated



Mandie Rae and Michael Valentine








Mandie had a bad case of senioritis, a serious problem in which seniors nearing their end at school have trouble staying motivated. This malarkey is not tolerated at the Amber Wells’ School For Girls. When Mandie did poorly on her midterms and was called to Professor Valentine’s office, she was all but certain that she was going to be spanked. Before arriving at the Professor’s office she thought “I hope he doesn’t spank me on the bare.” When confronted by Dr. Valentine, Mandie was chastised for doing much less than her best and she was to be spanked for it. With her composure gradually crumbling, all Mandie could say, in a tremulous voice, was “I’m sorry.” She soon found herself over Dr. Valentine’s lap, skirt lifted and being spanked upon her regulation white panties. After about a minute or so, Mandie’s greatest fear was realized and her panties were lowered. Under the pain of the spanking, Mandie soon forgot about her exposed bottom and pleaded for this punishment to stop.



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Spankings Are Family Matters part 1



Lacia Star, Veronica Bound and Michael Valentine






Aunt Veronica heard little Laci say unkind things about her Uncle Michael while talking to a friend. Veronica dragged her disrespectful niece to the den, removed the girl’s panties and placed her over Uncle Michael’s lap. Aunt V watched, with great satisfaction, as Michael spanked the brat’s bottom until it was a glowing red.

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