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The Apology




Cadence Lux And Veronica Bound







It is the final day of Cadence’s five days of detention with corporal punishment. Cadence apologized for her behavior and hoped to be spared a bare bottom punishment that awaited. Miss Veronica made it clear that she wanted Cadence’s full cooperation. No begging or complaining, just acceptance of her discipline. Cadence went over the principals lap with out resistance. Soon the brats cries could be heard throughout the school as her bare bottom was being spanked. Her cries of anguish and humiliation became louder when Miss Veronica spanked the girl with her own shoe.

Cadence was spanked hard by hand and shoe until she promised to be good and adhere to the rules. Her torment would not end until Miss Veronica was sure that all in the school knew the fate of their most popular girl. Once the spanking was completed, Cadence had to kneel on the wooden stairs as she struggled to restrain her sobs.






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Now video grabs



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As ‘ The New Principal”



Taking Selfies part 1


Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae and Dominic King






One day Adriana and Mandie were taking risque pictures of each other with which to impress their male classmates. Suddenly, Adriana’s father walks in and finds these actions rightfully disturbing. He proceeds to give his daughter a spanking this sort of behavior would warrant. Instead of being horrified, Mandie found this hilarious and made fun of her friend’s predicament; snapping pictures in amusement.




O O O selfies1-5 selfies1-6 selfies1-7 selfies1-8 O selfiesvg1-1 selfiesvg1-2 selfiesvg1-3 selfiesvg1-4 selfiesvg1-5 selfiesvg1-6 selfiesvg1-7 selfiesvg1-8 selfiesvg1-9


I’m going to talk about this video soon..stay tuned


Girls Night Out



Joelle Barros and Veronica Bound



girls1-1 girls1-2 girls1-3 girls1-4 girls1-5 girls1-6 girls1-7 girls2-1 girls2-2 girls2-3 girls2-4 girls2-5 girls2-6


Now video grabs


girlsvg1-1 girlsvg1-2 girlsvg1-3 girlsvg1-4 girlsvg1-5 girlsvg1-6 girlsvg1-7 girlsvg1-8 girlsvg2-1 girlsvg2-2 girlsvg2-3 girlsvg2-4 girlsvg2-5 girlsvg2-6 girlsvg2-7 girlsvg2-8 girlsvg2-9


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Now the resson I said I needed to talk












In addition to our website


You can find this video on DVD as ‘ Affection Rivals”



There is a reason I said that I’d talk about ” Taking Selfies”.


About ten seconds after we posted this video it was on a pirate site.


Lots of videos have been removed by my people over the past few days but there is lots out there.


Today, our sale just died.


To me, that’s fine . If you chose to view stolen material then do it. Punishedbrats will go away.


I’ve always said , “fuck the pirate but fuck those who view their stolen material much harder and deeper “.


Our memberships are but $17.00/month


That gives you access to ten years of material.


Next week I hope to present you with a surprise,however it PB isn’t supported it will go away. And I mean nothing for free. I will take down everything that I have intentionally posted and will continue to pursue all piracy even after PB dies.   As i’ve said I will need a few months to close, so it won’t just disappear.


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I’m just saying that I’ll not tolerate a year like 2014.


I did my best to pull PB through but not this year. We got terrific support from our fans from late November on our PB would not be here.



Just to be clear, I’ve spent money to sue and eradicate the pirate sites around the world. We have had many a site closed done by killing this access to the net



Om a more positive view, on Sunday will will start our series ‘ Dark Dance Of The Heart’ with Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose


Here are a few scenes



brando1 brando2 brando3 brando4 brando5 brando6 brando7 brando8 brando9 brando10 brando11 brando12 brando13 brando14 brando15 brando16 brando17 brando18



My webmaster liked it a lot.




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Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound













Adriana Evans, Dominic King and Mandie Rae













Joelle Barros










Good Night Mr. Lindeman, wherever you are.

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