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Taking Selfies



Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae and Dominic King









One day Adriana and Mandie were taking risque pictures of eachother with which to impress their male classmates. Suddenly, Adriana’s father walks in and finds these actions rightfully disturbing. He proceeds to give his daughter a spanking this sort of behavior would warrant. Instead of being horrified, Mandie found this hilarious and made fun of her friend’s predicament; snapping pictures in amusement.

Thoroughly spanked and humiliated, Adriana promises not to take such lascivious pictures of herself again. Now, Mandie, who had made fun or her friend throughout her ordeal, wonders why Adriana’s father is looking at her.




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Now the video grabs




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Dark Dance Of The Heart -Attraction



Bianca Rose and Joelle Barros








After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.





Video grabs



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Homeschooled Brat -Juliet’s Spanking


Juliet Valentina, Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound









This is a never before seen video that was shot during Juliet Valentina’s first production with us. I ungraded the video as best as I could and converted it to mp4.

Entitled brat, Juliet wanted to be home schooled thinking that she would get away with less work. Instead, she found her mother to be more demanding than any teacher. As a way of getting out of work, she started paying Pixie, their maid, to do her assignments. After her mother found out about this scheme, Juliet found herself spanked in front of the maid. After she was spanked and placed in the corner, Veronica turned her attention to Pixie.













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