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Rent A Mom 2.0: The Cool Kid




Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound








Ami was granted permission from her father to live off of campus when she entered the university. She was always known for being something of a nerd. She hoped to throw and attend many of the parties and become a “cool kid.” What she hadn’t counted on was that her father had hired a Rent-A-Mom, a woman who would live with Ami, clean the house, prepare meals and, when necessary, provide discipline . Ami was upset when Veronica arrived and was less than respectful. The “cool kid” was taken over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking. As for being a cool kid; her R2-D2 t-shirt may have made that difficult, anyway.


After receiving a hard spanking from Veronica, Ami was placed in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. She had wanted to be cool, but now has a hot bottom as a result.



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Now video grabs





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Pin-Ups 2



Audrey and David Pierson










After Audrey and Mandie left the pervy photographers studio, Audrey’s agent brought her back to apologize and get paid. When she refused to do so because of the photographer’s questionable behavior, she was taken over the agent’s lap for a lesson in showbiz.




pinups21-2 pinups21-3 pinups21-4 pinups21-6 pinups21-7



Now video grabs




pinups2vg1-1 pinups2vg1-2 pinups2vg1-3 pinups2vg1-4 pinups2vg1-5 pinups2vg1-6 pinups2vg1-7 pinups2vg1-8 pinups2vg1-9


Audrey accused me of  spanking her thigh. Who me?  Never!


I’m very happy we got so much great feedback on this video.



The Contest: Bianca Gets The Hairbrush









Now that Audrey has survived her spanking, it’s time to move to the next portion of the spanking contest. It is Bianca’s turn to go over Audrey’s lap for a hairbrush spanking. Once the tall redhead felt the first whack of the brush she summoned all of her strength not to tap out or cry. ( the odds in vegas are narrowing)




hairbrush1-2 hairbrush1-3 hairbrush1-4 hairbrush1-5 hairbrush1-6


Now video grabs




hairbrushvg1-1 hairbrushvg1-2 hairbrushvg1-3 hairbrushvg1-4 hairbrushvg1-5 hairbrushvg1-6 hairbrushvg1-7 hairbrushvg1-8 hairbrushvg1-9 hairbrushvg1-10


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The New Principlal




Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound





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