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There’s A Riot Going On




Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound










Veronica became aware that Ami took part in a protest against a research lab on campus in which that facility was vandalized. She decided to teach her bratty charge a lesson with a strap to the seat of her jeans, then panties, and her bare bottom.

After her punishment with the strap, Ami’s revolutionary zeal had quickly left her. Once Veronica felt that her charge had endured enough, she sat Ami on a wooden stool; her red hot bottom pushed firmly into the wood. Ami felt like a punished child in the corner





riot1-3 riot1-4 riot1-5 riot1-6 riot1-7










riot2-1 riot2-2 riot2-3 riot2-4 riot2-5 riot2-6




Now video grab theater




riotvg1-1 riotvg1-2 riotvg1-3 riotvg1-4 riotvg1-5 riotvg1-6 riotvg1-7 riotvg1-8 riotvg2-1 riotvg2-2 riotvg2-3 riotvg2-4 riotvg2-5 riotvg2-6 riotvg2-8 riotvg2-9 riotvg2-10 riotvg2-11


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Adriana’s Punishment- The Paddle part 1




Adriana Evans and David Pierson






Adriana had been caught in the janitor’s closet doing “unspeakable acts” with a young man and in possession of marijuana. She was given the choice of accepting two days of severe corporal punishment from headmaster Pierson or suffer expulsion. She agreed to accept the punishment. She was shocked to hear that her first punishment would consist of twenty-five hard whacks with the school paddle. It was permitted that she wear her jeans for the first five but after that, as per the school’s CP program, she had to remove all clothing blow the waist for the next twenty. After feeling the pain of the paddle she wondered if expulsion would have been so bad.





paddle1-2 paddle1-3 paddle1-4 paddle1-5


Now video grabs




paddlevg1-1 paddlevg1-2 paddlevg1-3 paddlevg1-4 paddlevg1-5 paddlevg1-6 paddlevg1-7 paddlevg1-8 paddlevg1-9 paddlevg1-10 paddlevg1-11 paddlevg1-12 paddlevg1-13In addtion to our website this video can be found on our new DVD ” The Dreaded Den & Adriana’s Punishment”



Now this is a long one


Close Friends



Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae and Dominic King







Adriana and Mandie had been out for the night. Upon their return home, the two close friends wanted to be even closer and started to explore each other’s bodies. Unexpectedly, Adriana’s husband returned home and found the two in their passionate embrace. He demanded that, as punishment, Adriana give her little friend a hard spanking. If Mandie were to refuse, her father, The Reverend Rae, would get a call. Mandie went over her friends lap as Dominic watched with great satisfaction.

After Mandie’s punishment was over, Dominic now commanded that his young spouse go over the reverend’s daughter’s lap for her spanking. As with Adriana, Mandie was at first reluctant to hurt her friend. After the threat of another spanking by him, Mandie took the task with alacrity and found she liked spanking her friend. Once the spankings were over, Dominic placed both girls in the corner with their bare bottoms on display. What he hadn’t counted on was that the sexual desire between the girls had only been heighted from the experience.





close1-2 close1-3 close1-4 close1-5 close1-6 close1-7 close2-1 close2-2 close2-3 close2-4 close2-5 close2-6 close2-7 close2-8


Now the video grabs



closevg1-1 closevg1-2 closevg1-3 closevg1-4 closevg1-5 closevg1-6 closevg1-7 closevg1-8 closevg1-9 closevg1-10 closevg1-11 closevg1-12 closevg1-13 closevg1-14 closevg2-1 closevg2-2 closevg2-3 closevg2-4 closevg2-5 closevg2-6 closevg2-7 closevg2-8 closevg2-9 closevg2-10 closevg2-11 closevg2-12 closevg2-13 closevg2-14 closevg2-15 closevg2-16 closevg2-17


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Adriana & Mandie say to click here

Adriana & Mandie say to click here


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Ami Mercury and Veronica Bound











Well, last night this fellow who I shall call Jeff ( as that is his name) sent me an email, by accident?


The following statement had to do with my asking Pixie to look at our recent work and comment.


Jeff said: ”  I can’t even begin to imagine all the circumstances (and all the subtext) involved in that “ask”.  Gigantesco huevos, mi pienso”.

Isn’t that special? I have large eggs? I know he means balls..but I used to have large eggs until the fox killed my chickens.


When I asked my former and current partner to do what I did she relplied


” I’d be happy to help you out”. She is still a partner by the way.















Well Jeff, in Portugese ( Joelle would be so proud)

” Voce tem Bolas grandes mas esse minusculo pouco pau”.


Have fun kids, I just did.



Addendum: Someone thought the above meant that Joelle Barros, the queen of the New York Scene and I were on the outs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are very good friends. Pixie and I are good friends. I was having fun at Jeff’s expense . Joelle speaks


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