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Lexi and Adriana Evans







Lexi had told an instructor at school to- well, it wasn’t nice. When the brat arrived home, she found her big sister waiting for her with the hairbrush in hand. She quickly found herself over Adriana’s lap and dancing to the rhythm of the hairbrush. It was Adriana’s intent to spank her sister over her panties, but when Lexi sassed her, unlike the teacher, big sister responded by lowering the panties and spanking even harder.



Adriana spanked her little sister with ferocity until Lexi promised not to disrespect her teachers anymore. After Adriana finished applying the hairbrush to Lexi’s bottom, she placed her in the corner, removed her skirt and panties and left the brat naked from the waist down facing the wall.




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Now video grabs



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failure1-4 failure1-5 failure1-6

 Now a few video grabs




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  • Tim:

    David a n excellent week of videos at Punished Brats with young Lexi and Adriana ,Audrey nd Bianca Rose ,Mandie ,Joelle and all the girls Pixies with you looks a good one too ,best Tim .