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Bedtime Spanking


Audrey and Dominic King








Audrey and Dominic are a married couple. When his spouse gets out of hand, Dominic will spank her. Audrey finds that being disciplined keeps her from misbehaving in the way she did before meeting her firm husband. The two had attended a party in which Audrey had disrespected her husband. Upon their arrival home, Audrey was sent to the corner and instructed to bare her bottom. Once he had calmed, Dominic explained to his lovely bride why he was upset and why she was to be spanked. Audrey was then taken to the chest at the bottom of the bed, and taken over her husband’s lap for a hard bare bottom spanking.


As Dominic’s large hand descended time and time again upon her bottom, all Audrey could do was hold on, cry out, and apologize for her behavior when she could get the words out. Once he was convinced that his spouse had learned her lesson, he instructed her to remove all of her clothes and go to bed. She complied, lying on the bed, feeling exposed and alone.






bedtime1-2 bedtime1-3 bedtime1-4 bedtime1-5 bedtime1-6


bedtime2-1 bedtime2-2 bedtime2-3 bedtime2-4 bedtime2-5 bedtime2-6



Now a few stills from the movie





bedtimevg1-1 bedtimevg1-2 bedtimevg1-3 bedtimevg1-4 bedtimevg1-5 bedtimevg1-6 bedtimevg1-7 bedtimevg1-8 bedtimevg1-9



Here are the trailers for the movie








The Punishment Of The Bully Sisters



Ava Nicole and Adriana Evans









Adriana and her sister Ava, known by their classmates as the Double-A girls, were sent home after they were caught bullying a girl at school. In order to teach his girl’s a lesson, Daddy Dominic decided to give his girls a lesson they would never forget. This was a strapping in the living room, and he was determined to make his girl’s cry.






bullies1-2 bullies1-3 bullies1-4 bullies1-5 bullies1-6

Here are a few stills from the movie



bulliesvg1-1 bulliesvg1-2 bulliesvg1-3 bulliesvg1-4 bulliesvg1-5 bulliesvg1-6 bulliesvg1-7 bulliesvg1-8 bulliesvg1-9 bulliesvg1-10 bulliesvg1-11 bulliesvg1-13 bulliesvg1-14 bulliesvg1-15 bulliesvg1-16


Do Check Out The Trailer





Spanking Ami: The Series



Episode 1: Cutting School


Ami Mercury and David Pierson





Ami had decided to cut class today, but was caught by the ever-alert Sister Agnes. When Ami went home, she found her father waiting for her. Ami tried to deny her skipping of class but her father was having none of it. Suddenly, Ami found herself over her father’s lap for a spanking. This prospect made her less then happy. Full-scale panic set in when she was informed that her spanking would be administered on her bare bottom with a heavy hairbrush. She shouted out as the large brush struck her bottom. If the first one hurt this much, she wondered, how would she survive the rest? The hairbrush fell time and time again upon Ami’s bare bottom until she tearfully promised never to cut school again. Once her punishment was at an end, the once bratty schoolgirl was made to bend over the bed with her very marked and exceedingly sore bottom on display.




cuttingschool2 cuttingschool3 cuttingschool4 cuttingschool5 cuttingschool6 cuttingschool7 cuttingschool8 cuttingschool9

and a few aftermath pix



cuttingschoolafter1 cuttingschoolafter2 cuttingschoolafter3


Episode 2: Curfew Violation


Ami Mercury and David Piersion





Ami had been out way past curfew, attending a cheerleader party with her friends. She was due home by midnight but did not come home until 2am. She found her worried and now irritated father waiting for her. She did not pick up her cell or call to inform him of her lateness. The cheerleader found herself over her father’s lap for the second time that week Ami was spanked until she tearfully promised not to violate her curfew. Then to her mortification, she was made to stand in the corner with her sore, red bottom on display.


curfew2 curfew3 curfew4 curfew5



A few aftermath pix



curfewafter1 curfewafter2 curfewafter3


Disrespecting The Neighbors


Ami Mercury and David pierson



Ami was chastised by the elderly woman who lived next door. In response, Ami had a few choice words for the neighbor. Of course, word of this was communicated to Ami’s father. He stressed that she needed to be respectful of her elders at all times. As punishment Ami was strapped over the seat of her jeans, then her panties, and finally her bare bottom. Ami’s cries could be heard throughout the house as the strap descended upon her bare bottom time and time again. Once her punishment was over, Ami promised her father that her recent streak of rebelliousness.



disrespect2 disrespect3 disrespect4 disrespect5 disrespect6



and a few aftermath pix



disrespectafter1 disrespectafter2 disrespectafter3


Here is the trailer





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