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Laci Star and Veronica Bound





Laci decided that it was too nice a day to waste attending school. She was fresh from her shower, while making plans with her friends to go on a shopping excursion when her Aunt Veronica returned home to get papers from her office. She had heard Laci on the phone and was appalled at how little her niece appreciated the education that was being provided to her. Using the hairbrush that Laci was holding, Aunt Veronica knew how to get to the seat of the matter. She quickly tore the towel off of the brat and took the naked girl over her lap for a very special lesson.


Despite the fact that Laci had cut school, she received much in the way of education that day. She learned quickly that pain overwhelms concerns over modestly and that her Aunt Veronica is a very stern disciplinarian. Determined to teach her spoiled brat of a niece a lesson, she spanked the naked girl very hard with the hairbrush she took from her hand despite pleas and promises from the girl that she would be good hence. At one point, the brush slipped from Veronica’s hand. Laci had hoped that would end her torment but Veronica simply carried on by using her hand upon the girl’s burning bottom. Following her spanking Laci was made to stand in the corner. Naked and with her bottom feeling as if it were on fire, Laci felt vulnerable, despondent and humiliated




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Dress Code Dialectic part 1


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine







The headmaster knew that he was in for it when his young, probationary teacher arrived wearing a trench coat. Joelle removed the coat to display that she was wearing her old schoolgirl uniform. She thought this funny, the headmaster did not. In the guise of a joke this was her passive-aggressive way of rebelling against Dr. Valentine who had recently punished her for wearing clothes more appropriate for a night at the club, rather than teaching class at an exclusive prep school. After explaining that the wearing of her school uniform had unwanted sexual connotations as well, Headmaster Valentine took Joelle over his lap and spanked her with the hairbrush on her bare bottom.




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Day Three part 1



Mandie Rae and David Pierson ( hate him)





It was the final session of her three day sentence at Discipline Camp. Mandie entered the punishment room filled with fear and based on her prior two visits to this place of punishment, she had cause. As she entered she expected to see Mr. Pierson, her court assigned disciplinarian, with some large implement. Instead, she found him holding a small plastic object. “How bad could that be?” she thought. Mr. Pierson instructed her to remove all clothing below her waist and bend over the stairs. Soon, she learned just how badly a small implement could hurt, and how it fit into the smallest of creases. Mr. Pierson soon had Mandie sobbing as he applied both the small object of punishment and his hands to her bottom and thighs. He did not neglect the inner aspects of her thighs, an area of the body that is exceedingly sensitive .




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Michael Valentine




Joelle Barros




Mandie Rae




Laci Star





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