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Earned Stripes




Penny Stone and David Pierson


It is Penny’s final day of torment. She has come to regret having hacked into the government’s defense computers. She entered Dean Pierson’s office with trepidation, still very sore after the punishment with the thick school strap just the day before. She was stunned and nearly paralyzed with fear when she saw the Dean holding the cane, an implement of chastisement that hadn’t been used at this institution in many years. Dean Pierson instructed Penny to remove all the clothing below her waist, noting that she may have need to kick. Then he instructed her to kneel on the couch with her bottom thrust back and upward to provide the proper target for this fearsome implement. Penny was stunned to hear that she was to received twelve hard strokes with the cane. She could only complain briefly as the Dean instructed her to prepare for her punishment, using the cane to push lightly on her pelvis until he felt she was in perfect position. Soon, Penny’s screams could be heard reverberating through the hallways of the school.


As her caning proceeded Penny wasn’t sure how she was going to survive. All she knew was that with each stroke of the cane, sounds of anguish emanated from her mouth that she didn’t know were possible. Dr. Pierson would give Penny a moment to scream and wait for the pain to subside and then reposition her so that her bottom was back and tilted up to provide the best possible target. After her punishment was completed, Penny was lectured on the hazards of hacking and then made to stand in the corner to contemplate her actions and the punishments she suffered over the past several days.

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The End Of Probation part 1



Joelle Barros and Michele Valentine








It was a happy day for Joelle when she was informed that her probationary period was over and that she was now a full fledged member of the faculty. However, Dr. Valentine felt that it was best that she remain under his mentorship. Joelle felt otherwise and told The Headmaster so. He pointed out that she had yet to prepare her teaching plan for Monday and that was unacceptable. Soon, the new faculty member found herself over the Headmaster’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her skirt, then upon her very cute panties. She let out a loud gasp as her bottom was exposed. Despite the fact that the Headmaster had seen her bottom many times as a student and probationary teacher, this was particularly embarrassing as a faculty member.






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Drive Safely part 1



Laci Star and Veronica Bound








Laci was in an car accident and her Aunt Veronica was told it was because she was texting while driving. Laci informed her Aunt that the accident wasn’t the result of texting, but rather, her shoes prevented her from pressing on the brake. “That’s just as stupid,” Aunt Veronica said as she took her bratty niece over her lap for another spanking. The spanking started over her dress and then her very cute panties. Laci let out a shriek as her panties were taken down and she was spanked upon the bare.



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This video is also available on DVD



What I Learned on DVD

What I Learned on DVD


I was to thank Joelle Barros for coming down from NYC to help me shoot tomorrow. This makes no sense really as all of the other participants are from NYC except for me. We are trying a new studio tomorrow.








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