This Week At Punishedbrats: Happy Holidays




It was a terrific week here at Punishedbrats




Arresting Development



Penny Stone and Veronica Bound








Penny was picked up by the police for causing problems at the local record store. She and another girl had a disagreement regarding the merits of Patti Smith’s music. Penny ended this discussion by punching the other girl in the face. After being dropped off at home by the officer, Veronica, Penny’s governess, decided to give this self styled punk a lesson she wouldn’t forget. She bent dreadful Penny over a stool, bared her bottom and slam-danced upon her bottom with a leather strap. As the paddle fell hard upon her naked bottom, Penny made a sound that passers-by could have mistaken for a Plasmatics album. ( I know..who?)


Penny cried and pleaded with Veronica to end her punishment. She promised not to punch anyone again. When Penny arrived home she had planned to listen the Patti Smith song ‘Dancing Barefoot’ but instead she ended up standing in the corner with a red, sore bare bottom.





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Senior Skip Day part 1




Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa






Bianca took part in the annual senior skip day, in which many of the girls in the senior class skipped school and spent the day at the mall. Most of the girls went home knowing that they were caught but many of their parents would either laugh it off as a ritual of passage or at worst, give their daughters a good talking to. Such is not the case at Bianca’s house. When she deserves a punishment it is delivered by a hard spanking to her bare bottom. In ritual fashion, Bianca is made to face her mother, lift her skirt, and her panties were slowly lowered to make her feel the humiliation of being exposed. Soon, embarrassment is the least of her concerns as she is taken over her mother’s lap for her punishment. Her tears flowed as she begged her mother for forgiveness.



senior1-2 senior1-3 senior1-4 senior1-5 senior1-6 senior1-7








Negligee Nightmare – Part 1



Nikki Sebastian and Julie Simone







This is the third day of Julie’s attempt to make Nikki a better model. The theme of the day was energy. Julie was called away for a quick phone call. When she returned she found Nikki sleeping. Julie decided to instill a lot of energy into this shoot by giving her model a bare bottom spanking.


nightmare1-2 nightmare1-3 nightmare1-4 nightmare1-5 nightmare1-6




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Penny Stone







I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed at The Penny Stone Home. A lovely place


Bianca Rose








Veronica Bound








Nikki Sebastian








Julie Simone






To APW: legal papers are coming partner


To my friends in the UK , in no way should you emulate the disgrace that is Black Friday.  Trust  me on that.



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