This week at Punishedbrats: Looking back with fondess








Can’t Fight It



Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa









Bianca informed her mother that she told her Headmaster to go to hell. She regretted doing so and immediately apologized. Her mother appreciated her honesty but noted that she was still going to be spanked. Bianca hoped to take this punishment well. Unfortunately, the moment she felt the pain from her mother’s powerful hand all attempts at maintaining her composure were abandoned in favor of tears and pleading for the punishment to end. Bianca’s spanking began over her skirt, then on her panties. Then her regulation school whites were lowered and now her spanking was administered to her bare bottom.


After the spanking, Bianca’s mother lectured the teary eyed girl regarding her recent behavior. Bianca promised to do better with her sore, red bottom serving as motivation






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Now video grab theater





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This week we debuted the ‘ Affection Rivals’ series starting with


Awkward Introduction



Joelle Barros and Veronica Bound








Joelle thought she had the family vacation house to herself for the holidays; partying and picking up her boy toys. She was outraged when a stranger  walked into the house with suitcase in hand. It turns out that this was her father’s new fiancé. Joelle learned quickly that her soon to be step-mother was a very formidable woman. Not ten seconds after Joelle told her to get the fuck out, the stylish brat found herself over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.



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Now, video grab theater




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A special Pixie Presentation


Veronica’s Job



Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound




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Video Grab Theater


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These were the top Punishedbrats pics on Twitter this week







Superbrats Adriana and Mandie





Adriana Spanked by Dominick King. We shot with then one week ago







Bianca Rose spanked by Miss Lisa


Have a great Superbowl Sunday’s a national holiday .















4 Responses to “This week at Punishedbrats: Looking back with fondess”

  • Billy:

    You do much better, David, when you present good old-fashioned spankings with reasonably attractive models. It’s when you try to cater to too many tastes that your imagery suffers. There’s never been anything wrong with showing traditional bare bottom spanking and showing it well.

  • Hi Billy: I think that is our bread and butter. We write that material. There are times when we want to shot different stuff, but always the misadventures of our brats lead to a bare bottom spanking.

  • admin:

    Billy: Could you give me an example of failed imagery?

  • Tim:

    David thought it was an excellent week at Punished Brats with a nice variety of lovely brats spanked well ., best from Tim.