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My Father’s House


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson













Serenity had gotten into a fight with a young man at school. This made her mother extremely unhappy, who sent her to her room to await the arrival of her father. She knew what was to come her way and tried to keep her mind off of her inevitable fate by playing with her stuffed animals. Once her father arrived, no amount of protests and pleadings would stop the brat from going over her father’s lap for her bare bottom spanking
Serenity was spanked until her father was sure that she was sorry for her behavior. He then put the tearful girl in bed, with her red bottom uncovered, and instructed her to think about what she had done to earn this bare bottom span



The Best Of The New Brats Volume 1 Episodes 1-2





Admission ‘



with Chloe Noir and Bianca Rose


Chloe is a recent graduate of journalism school and has quickly developed a reputation as opinionated and difficult with her older colleagues in the news room. She was sent on assignment to the Amber Well’s School, a prestigious boarding school for girls, to explore how their educational advantages give the top one percent a leg up. Due to her youth, she aroused no suspicion when she obtained admission. Chloe found herself meeting with Miss Bianca, the assistant headmistress for the admission process. Chloe was shocked when she learned that her editor had set her up and informed the school that Chloe had a behavior problem at her past schools and they were her only hope. Upon hearing this, Chloe turned to leave when she was grabbed by Miss Bianca. She was informed that behavior such as this was not acceptable at this school and the punishment was a bare bottom spanking. Chloe was taken to the living room of the headmistress residence, her skirt lifted and panties taken down. Chloe told herself that she could deal with this and maintain her composure. All thought of this left once the powerful red haired woman began to spank her, and Chloe began to plead and cry. Once her spanking was over, Chloe was placed in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display. The intrepid reporter, as she wiped the tears from her eyes, wondered how this all went so wrong.


Sneaking in


Kitty Catherine and David Pierson


Kitty was supposed to have been studying for a test the following day but instead went to a club. When she returned home, she found her father waiting for her. He removed Kitty’s innocent looking skirt to reveal a leather party dress underneath. This was not Kitty’s first such offense. She was promised a severe spanking upon her next offence. She believed these were hollow threats; clearly she was too old for a bare bottom spanking. Soon Kitty found herself over her father’s lap with tears streaming down her face as each hard spank found its mark. Once Kitty’s hard, over the knee, spanking was over; she was made to stand for further punishment. The tearful girl was then sent to bed naked from the waist down. No matter how hard she tried, she could not rub away the fiery pain from her bottom.




Adriana: That’s Gotta Hurt

Chapter one: The Paddle
Adriana’s painful story began when she was a student at the prestigious Amber Well’s School For Girls. One day, Adriana was caught in the janitor’s closet with a young man from the boys school. The Amber Wells School was known as an institution for gifted girls and prior to their discovery, Adriana’s gifts were on full display.
After a meeting of the governing board, the talented but occasionally gifted Miss Evans was sentenced to two days of corporal punishment or be expelled. Of course, Adriana chose the corporal punishment. The punishment was to be administered by Dean Pierson.
That Saturday, Adriana reported to Dean Pierson’s residence for her first punishment. She was informed that on that day she was to receive twenty-five whacks with the school paddle. She was made to kneel on a chair with her bottom thrust upwards in perfect punishment position.
The first five whacks were administered to the seat of her jeans. After the first five, she was required to remove all clothing below her waist. With such a harsh punishment, it is required that punishments in excess of five stokes be delivered on the bare. By the time this punishment was over, Adriana had spent several minutes writhing and wiggling on the chair in an attempt to displace the pain that went through her as the paddled landed upon her naked bottom.
Once this punishment was over, Adriana was reminded to report back the following day for her second day of correction. All Adriana could do was wonder what fresh hell awaited her.




Chapter 2: The Cane
The following day, Adriana reported for her second day of torment. Her heart sunk as she was informed that on this day she was to receive twenty-five strokes with the cane. After taking her place on the chair, the first five painful stokes were administered to the bottom of her jeans. Then, as was the case the day before, she was required to remove all clothing from her waist down. She suffered the next twenty hard stokes on her bare bottom.






I think this was a terrific week with two special presentations.


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