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A Cheerleader’s Lies Chapter 1



Adriana Evans and Audrey







Adriana tries to pull one over on her mom, Audrey, when she comes home from cheerleader practice over an hour late. Audrey knows better, and decides Adriana’s not old to be properly disciplined

After her bottom has been set ablaze by her mother’s hairbrush, Adriana, through her tears, promises not to be disrespectful in the future. After concluding the punishment, Audrey takes the naughty cheerleader by the hair, looks her in the eyes and says ‘ Wait until your father gets home”. Adriana is filled with dread as she knows that her ordeal is not over.





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Here are a few extra pics for you



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Homework part 1


Kayleigh May and Michael Valentine





When Kayleigh breaks curfew, it’s time for Michael to practice his homework and use the newly learned discipline techniques himself.



homework1-3 homework1-4 homework1-5 homework1-6 homework1-7





Care Trouble part 1




Audrey and Miss Pandora








The good news is Audrey went on a job interview. The bad news is she took Pandora’s car to drive there and managed to damage it. Pandora uses the nanny paddle on Audrey’s round bottom and then declares their living arrangements to be over.





trouble1-2 trouble1-3 trouble1-5 trouble1-6 trouble1-7 trouble1-8



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