This Week Hurt



Wow I go away for a week and sales fall apart. We are in the process of upgrading our website and the way we present out films.  We are now showing a long version spanking film each week as our primary presentation, but we knew despite the fact that you are getting full videos some would feel cheated as this would mean less updates each week. That was a concern of mine. Right now you are getting to see Dark Dance Of The Heart IV ..our most aggressive and CP version of the series.


One can’t have everything ..if I could I would shoot something each week ..our bigger productions are our affair . We hope you like them as they are more than bad girl gets spanked.


I thought our short ” Mom Isn’t Happy’ series with Chloe Noir and Skyler Grey to be of that nature. It was a custom video that turned out great. Before I went on vacation I had hoped to shoot more in the series..but it didn’t happen, (not Skler’s issue) How do we punish Miss Chloe? You can support our  Punish Chloe series by paying for how you’d like to see her punished by me. Even if you don’t care I will be spanking the living hell out of her soon .


Let me be clear that we have about 15 years of material on the site.

We showed a series called Girl Trouble 11. This is an upgraded version of older vids with Pixie, Lily Page and many others






Holding on to the older material was a request from most. This week I got contacted saying ” Not This Old Stuff Again !” Kind of leaves me in a quandary”. As I was pressing on to new material  many of you wrote and asked for the older.


To keep up with our current plans and upgrade the site we need your support.

If such doesn’t come all PB material will go away. I’ll not sell as has most  spanking companies. ( Yes most aren’t there) You buy a membership You get 15 years of materal


Spanking Of Chloe

Nighttime Spanking




Or how about


Spanked By my Young Stepmom


Adriana Evans and Bianca Rose




Confessions Of a Young Stepmom





So if you value us do join us at PBS- PunishedBratsSpanking



$20 for 30 days – recurring membership
$23 for 30 days – non-recurring
$80 for Six Months (182 days) – non-recurring
$120 for One Year – non-recurring


So if you value what you see then join us here.

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