Three Cheers part 1: Cadence is getting spanked !





Three Cheers Part 1




Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound







Cadence asked to be excused from detention so that she could attend cheer practice, a requirement for her to cheer in Saturday’s game. Veronica agreed and Cadence was elated until she realized that her spanking was going to happen on the spot. At first Cadence was worried that the other girls would see her red bottom. After the first few spanks had her dancing, her concerns turned elsewhere.






cheers1-2 cheers1-3 cheers1-4 cheers1-5 cheers1-6


And here are video grabs




cheersvg1-1 cheersvg1-2 cheersvg1-3 cheersvg1-4 cheersvg1-5 cheersvg1-6 cheersvg1-7 cheersvg1-8 cheersvg1-9 cheersvg1-10 cheersvg1-11 cheersvg1-12


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Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound

































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