Three Strikes Starts Tomorrow



We know, we’s taken us forever to get this series ready. In fact, we will have Mandie back next week for a commissioned work just a few days after the debut of our ‘Three Strikes ‘ series.


The ‘ Three Strikes’ series is part of something that I’ve wanted to pursue for ages.  It’s the first of my special series of hard discipline.


Not going to show you too much, as we’ve been using the same pics for ages.















I remember my first discussion with Mandie. She had applied to shoot my hard discipline series, but my concern was that she was so damn cute. She projects innocence. I must say, that despite that fact that Mandie is very young, she is a highly intelligent and accomplished person.  During our first discussion on the  I expressed my worry that in doing the hard discipline we would squander her youthful cuteness. She suggested that do both. She literally came up with the concept for ‘ Three Strikes ” while we spoke on the phone. ( The name too).


You will see two scenes of domestic discipline and four intense scenes at Discipline Camp.


You will also see our videos in full hi-definition.  We’ve been working hard on improving your viewing pleasure here at Punishedbrats.  ( We have other surprises too) Credit for our new look must go to Amber Pixie wells and Mr. Michael Valentine.


I think you will like what you see.


Tomorrow night, Mandie is give a sound bare bottom spanking by Mr. Big Hands himself







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Audrey..evil and non




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