To be clear: Set the record straight




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  1. I like PB. The scenes are well scripted and the models are very attractive. But for me there is too much OTK handspankings and not enough school paddling scenes and harder spanking scenes, and that’s what I’m looking for. So, I’ll spend my money on a subscription to RealSpankings or RSI before I pay for a PB subscription. Sorry.


    To me, everyone has their preferences. I like the kids from Denver too. ( they didn’t shoot for five years, just sayin )




    There was a time when one could make this statement and be accurate. Not since 2008.  When we shoot we ask for five or six scenes and only two of which are hand. ( usually the first and last)  That being said, we always follow safe and sane procedures .


    I’m not going back to 2008, but lets go back to ah, er Saturday





    Yes, that Miss Lisa spanking the lovely Bianca Rose with a bath brush.






    We wanted to take it easy on Mandie so over her past two shoots



    intake1 intake2 intake3 intake4


    So after I paddled her with an oak, otk paddle, I picked her up and placed on a chair with plastic hard spikes






    caught1-1 caught1-9 caught1-10 caught1-11 caught1-12 caught1-13



    Last night’s update featured her being spanked by one of the hardest spankers in the biz, Amber Pixie Wells. You will notice that I made no chromosomal differentiation. Good God, if that a hairbrush?




    failure2-11 failure2-12 failure2-13 failure2-14 failure2-15



    Is that a cane?





    Just to be clear, I’m not going into the site to get these pics.




    We were far to nice to Penny Stone during her two shoots .




    dean2-3 dean2-4 dean2-5 dean2-6 dean2-7 dean2-8 dean2-9 dean2-10 dean2-11



    To think we used that nice strap on her.



    earned2-6 earned2-7 earned2-8 earned2-9 earned2-10 earned2-11 earned2-12 earned2-13





    Yeah, far too kind.  What a bunch of pussies we are.




    penny1 penny2


    The above are spankings yet to come



    Then we extended our kindness three times to Adriana Evans .



    sick1-6 sick1-7 sick1-8 sick1-9 sick1-10 sick1-11 sick2-1 sick2-2 sick2-3 sick2-4






    sneaking1-10 sneaking1-11 sneaking2-1 sneaking2-1a sneaking2-2 sneaking2-3 sneaking2-4 sneaking2-5 sneaking2-6



    Spankings yet to come



    act5 act6 act7 act8



    We thought that tickling Laci Star with the yard stick paddle would be nice .





    always2-1 always2-2 always2-3 always2-4 always2-5 always2-6 always2-7 always2-8 always2-9 always2-10 always2-11 always2-12 always2-13





    Veronica Bound is another of the industries hardest spankers.




    Let me just say that when we punish a girl on camera , that girl is giving us a gift.  Yes, they are paid but I screen for one looking for a quick payday.  They must love this. The gift that the give us is a baring  of their souls in addition to their bottoms .

    Their pain and tears are gifts to us all, never to be taken lightly.

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8 Responses to “To be clear: Set the record straight”

  • Tim:

    David each to their own choices I prefer P.B. ,best,Tim.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Not hard enough?! What? Does the guy want blood? I think you do a very good job of making sure the gals feel it every time they sit down. How about going back and showing one of the pics that was sent to you the day after a shoot? I forgot who it was now, but you probably remember. It was one bruised bottom!

    • admin:

      I was think that, I understand that ages ago it was true. We started out hard. Went to more cute stuff, then returned to the more intense.

  • David,
    i get the same moronic shit from some people who moan at us too. We make a few light hearted films (the are never that weak unless the girl has had enough). Jeez I had a hand blister smacking the living hell out of Amelia jane Rutherford… that was a first!!! Anyway – in between the intense and often severe films we do shoot more films based on psychology… it’s at my core – I love getting inside a girl’s head, it’s something I do well. Anyway, I have shot with some of the girls featured here and you and I know they can take it and the “gifts” they give us, (swollen red bottoms, real shame and tears) is not something to be sniffed at – I’m honored. Perhaps we should just paddle them senseless for 2 minutes, then show this at another angle and then double it up and put it out as a film? Just saying…
    Maybe we would get more sales?

    Then again, maybe not 🙂

    Keep up the good work, I know your stuff is much harder & even more explicit nowadays, as is mine, but it seems we both get tagged with some of the earlier work we both produced way back… perhaps cos these people had seen it on various piracy sites? (God knows) !!!

    John – AAA

  • admin:

    My brother liked cute otk scenes. You know it’s helpful to know that this idea persists despite evidence to the contrary .

  • admin:

    I forgot to say: years ago commisioned a series of videos featuring several hard scenes with Pixie. This day was intense. I sent the material to them and it sat on the desk of Michael Masterson’s brother in law who had taken over as CEO. did not shoot a thing for several years.

    I finally heard that they didn’t have the budget for it. I ended up selling it to Firm Hand who never showed it because it was shot in my brother’s house, the same place as we shot the material that xerorotcs bought. Ironically, Michael’s brother in law now owns the remnants of xerotics. He owns spanking tube

  • Ah ha… that’s the connection between M & M!
    Yes I remember that material sent to XER when I used to work for those thieving brothers before they sold off their ailing “Empire” in 2011…

    Can’t you use the content you made with Pixie since it is such a long time ago?
    Remaster it as best as you can from that era – it would be a big hit!
    Maybe even your “critics” here would be interested in such severity, I’d certainly watch it 🙂

  • admin:

    Nope, sold it to them. I own the DVD rights